Ashley Graham’s Swimsuits For All Collaboration Gets Negative Reviews From Plus-Size Women

Ashley Graham has been very vocal about her desire to produce swimsuits for every body type, but a few fashion writers have found fault with nearly every piece they tried on from the collection. Several women from The Revelist documented their experiences while trying on Graham’s Swimsuits For All pieces, and they weren’t too fond of the results.

The fitting started off positive as Ashley’s 2017 Swimsuits For All collaboration focuses on a tropical Latin vibe much to the excitement of the Revelist writers who tried on the pieces.

“Last May, Graham collaborated with Swimsuits For All on a James Bond-inspired swim line. This year it’s all about Latin heat and bright colors. SWOON.”

The writers are self-proclaimed Ashley Graham fans as they clearly state in the introduction. The women were expecting sexy swimsuits and were not disappointed in this aspect of the review.

“…when we heard about Ashley Graham’s second collab with Swimsuits For All, we knew it would be sexy. We were not wrong.”

The ladies were thrilled to order several looks from the collection. However, their excitement soon dwindled as they began trying on Ashley’s famed swimsuits. In fact, the title of the article states nobody was happy with how the suits fit.

“4 women tried Ashley Graham’s swimsuits and here’s why no one was happy.”

According to the review, the swimsuits range from a size six to 22 and cost anywhere from $65 to $150. The first fashion writer to try on the bikinis and one-pieces states she normally wears a size 18/20, but none of the suits fit her. She found this puzzling as the sizes of Graham’s collection go up to 22.

“I tried on the Guapa bikini in a size 18 top and 20 bottom, as well as the Profesora leopard swimsuit in a 22. Normally I’m an 18/20, so it was odd that they didn’t fit.”

The writer then looked up some reviews of Ashley’s Swimsuits For All collection and found other shoppers had previously complained about sizing issues.

“Then I looked at shopper reviews and saw that sizing was a major issue.”

That’s when the first writer called in some of her friends at The Revelist to help her review Graham’s bathing suits. However, they also had trouble finding the right size as their normal ones didn’t fit quite right.

“Lauren, who usually wears a 16 or 18, tried on the Profesora leopard swimsuit and had to go up to 22.”

Lauren went on to call the sizing “terrible” as she had to go up four sizes in order to fit into the suit. Even then, she said the one-piece didn’t fit right and restricted her movement. In fact, the suit was causing pain and discomfort for Lauren despite being a larger size.

“My halter top is pulled so tight to keep my boobs in place that I have a sore neck.”

She went on to state she feels Ashley compromised comfort and support for sex appeal instead of finding a balance as other brands do when producing plus-size swimsuits. The writer then attempted to fit a size 20 bikini, but was unable. That’s when she called in a size 14 co-worker to model the suit instead.

“When I tried this suit on in a 20, it felt like a 14 — so I called in my size-14 coworker, Nicola, to prove it.”

And the suit perfectly fit Nicola, who is a size 14, despite being a size 20 according to Graham’s line. Nicola went on to say if she were to be a size 20, it would not have fit.

“According to the site’s size chart, I should fit my usual 12 or 14. This 20 and 18, however, fit like a dream. What the actual hell? Were I a true size 18 or 20 and wanted to buy this swimsuit, I don’t think I’d even have the option, which is an extreme letdown.”

The reviewers did have a few positive things to say about Graham’s latest line as they said the attention to details and thick fabric help make up for the inconsistent sizing. The women did find the cutouts to be sexy, but the sizing made it hard for them to fully enjoy wearing the suits.

Overall, the fashion writers were not too thrilled once they actually got their hands on Ashley’s swimsuits despite the model promoting the inclusivity of her line.

Have you tried on any of Ashley Graham’s Swimsuit For All pieces? Let us know your review in the comments!

[Featured Image by Rick Kern/Getty Images]