Michelle Obama Yacht Photo: Former First Lady Wearing A Tank Top And Shorts Makes Internet Go Crazy

A photo of Michelle Obama on a yacht sailing on the seas of French Polynesia is making the internet go crazy. The image was snapped by Barack Obama when the two went sailing on Friday aboard the super yacht of billionaire friend, David Geffen.

The Obamas were guests on the luxurious Rising Sun yacht with Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, and their wives. There was chatter that Oprah Winfrey was part of the group, but she wasn’t seen in any of the photos released.

The Obamas and their celebrity friends boarded the vessel off the island of Mo’orea after arriving in a fancy speedboat, Daily Mail reports. According to the report, Barack and Michelle Obama are still on an extended vacation after Donald Trump took office on January 20. Every move the former first couple makes creates headlines, especially anything related to Michelle Obama’s style and fashion attire during vacation. A photo of her on a yacht wearing a black tank top and white shorts with natural curly hair is causing quite the buzz on social media. It was just last week a photo of her paddleboarding in a bikini got people talking, and before that, another one of her wearing her hair naturally was circulated on Twitter.

The photo of Michelle Obama that her husband shot on the yacht is all the rage among her fans. She was also wearing sunglasses, white sandals, and carrying a large brown tote. Her husband is seen taking a photo of her as she poses by the rail on the yacht’s top deck.

Geffen’s super yacht is a 454-foot yacht worth $300 million. It was originally purchased by Oracle CEO Ellison and bought by Geffen in 2010, according to the report. The music mogul’s yacht is known to have several famous people aboard it, including Mariah Carey, Leonardo di Caprio, and Steven Spielberg.

The couple has already started working on their memoirs. They were paid a $65 million advance book deal by Penguin to write about their experiences as the first couple. The memoirs are anticipated to have a number of juicy details addressing hot topics, such as how they felt about the presidential campaign, the scandal involving Hillary Clinton’s emails, their views on Trump’s presidency, and will answer several other burning questions they haven’t disclosed to any media outlets.

Although the Obamas are doing their best to maintain a low profile, the press doesn’t let them too far out of its sight. Photos of Barack and Michelle Obama on vacation continue as they pair go about their leisurely business. The two spent some time apart when the former president took up residence at the exclusive Brando resort in Tahiti to begin his book while Michelle stayed in Washington, D.C. to work on her book and attend various educational establishments to visit students. The Obamas will remain in Washington until their youngest daughter, Sasha, finishes school at Sidwell Friends.

Barack and Michelle Obama have been the envy of many as they continue their paradise getaways. Since January they’ve been to Palm Springs, the British Virgin Islands, and the former president had briefly secluded himself at Marlon Brando’s private island before Michelle arrived to go paddle boarding.

Will there be more photos of Michelle Obama that get people talking? Seeing her in a serene and relaxed environment is of interest to her admirers. Millions still hold out hope that she’ll agree to a 2020 run for president.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]