WWE News: Jeff Hardy Bites It And Falls Hard On His Face At A WWE Live Event [Video]

Just a few weeks ago, the Hardy Boyz made a triumphant return to WWE where the legend of “Team Extreme” truly started in professional wrestling. Over the years, the fans have watched Matt and Jeff Hardy put their bodies at risk and their lives on the line to entertain those watching outside the ring. That’s why it is quite unexpected when something as simple as a victory celebration ends with Jeff falling flat on his face.

Fans have watched as Matt Hardy delivered a Side Effect or Twist of Fate to an opponent from off the top rope. They have gasped as Jeff Hardy stood on the top step of a 20-foot tall ladder and delivered a Swanton Bomb onto an opponent who was placed out on a table.

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Still, every single person in the world does get older, and it leads to changes in how they approach their actions in life. Just a few weeks ago, Jeff Hardy joined his brother Matt for a brutal and epic match for Ring of Honor followed by their WWE return at WrestleMania 33 the very next night.

It almost seems as if they could do no wrong and that the team is still at the top of their game. That is until a WWE Live Event this past weekend where Wrestling Inc. found a video of Jeff Hardy falling flat on his face in a match where he tagged with his brother.

The interesting thing hers is that Jeff didn’t fall while performing a dangerous stunt of any kind during the match. No, he bit it in the post-match victory celebration.

After watching the video, it is more humorous than anything, and it doesn’t seem as if Jeff Hardy injured himself during it. He seemed to be laughing, and even Matt made a funny gesture after seeing his brother fell flat on his face.

When it happens, you can see that Jeff seems rather surprised and then, he grabs his forehead after falling. Once Matt walks over to him, Jeff appears to be cracking up at himself and gets up to keep cheering with the fans.

It isn’t known which WWE Live Event this came from, but it may have been one of those over the Easter weekend. The Twitter user that posted it is known as “Brian The Guppie,” and he also had a number of videos from WWE’s house show in Cincinnati.

After some of the things that fans have seen Jeff Hardy do over the years, it is proven that he doesn’t make a lot of mistakes or botches. Into all great careers, though, problems happen, and missteps occur, but this one was unexpected.

As far as Team Extreme goes, it is actually much luckier that Jeff’s fall on his face happened in the ring when he was celebrating and not when facing off against another superstar. Even worse, a fall could have happened when he was standing high above the floor on top of a ladder.

While it may be humorous, he is actually lucky that this moment is when fate chose for him to take a fall.

The Hardy Boyz are one of the most exciting tag teams in the history of professional wrestling, and their high-flying and risky moves contribute to that. They’ve put their bodies on the line by being thrown through tables, hanging high above the ring, and even diving off of the top of very tall ladders to crash into opponents below. Now, they are still going at a high level, but it appears as if Jeff Hardy can’t even handle some of the victory celebrations as they put him right on his face.

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