WWE Rumors: Huge Match In the Works Between Kurt Angle And Seth Rollins

There are several matches the WWE Universe would like to see from Kurt Angle now that he’s back in WWE again, but WWE is already planting the seeds for one of those dream matches to come to fruition. Angle has revealed his favorite WWE Superstars from the current roster and mentioned who he would like to step into the ring with someday. The new General Manager of Raw specifically mentioned Seth Rollins on that list.

Angle vs. Rollins is considered a dream match by many people. It’s the ultimate match of wrestling’s past vs. its present. The WWE Universe would be enthralled to see these two men wrestle a match together. It was a treat to see them share a ring together last week on Raw for the first time. Seth will be busy with Samoa Joe for some time. Kurt will be occupied with his role as the GM of Raw, but a match between them is possible.

Unfortunately, Kurt Angle isn’t medically cleared to wrestle for WWE. He will be required to pass a series of physical tests in the future to compete in the ring. It’s been reported that the earliest Kurt will be able to get into the ring to wrestle is towards the end of 2017 or early next year. That means he might be available for The Road to Wrestlemania 34. If so, Kurt Angle versus Seth Rollins could happen at some point next year.

Kurt Angle vs Seth Rollins is a Dream Match For Many Fans
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It has been reported that WWE officials could have a long-term plan for Angle and Rollins to slowly build a huge feud between them. Believe it or not, that conflict may have started last week with Angle telling Seth that he will always have a home on Raw and put him over as a babyface. While Stephanie McMahon is kept off Raw, Angle and Rollins will have a good relationship. Upon her return, everything will change for them.

After all the roster changes last week, WWE officials decided that Seth Rollins would remain on Raw and be Kurt Angle’s first opponent once he’s medically cleared to return to the ring for WWE. The tentative creative plan to build to their feud is for Stephanie McMahon’s return to eventually cause a rift between them, which will lead to Angle remaining loyal to Stephanie and HHH and cause him to screw over Rollins down the line.

Theses angles are several months away. It’s unclear if WWE officials would give Kurt Angle a full heel turn and align with The Authority. Even if he plays the conflicted tweener in the situation, the feud will keep the sympathy on Rollins against Angle, Stephanie, and HHH. WWE will be able to make booking decisions after it’s known if Angle can compete in the ring or not, but a potential match with Seth won’t happen for months.

Stephanie McMahon Will Play a Crucial Role in the Feud
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Kurt Angle vs. Seth Rollins could be a match fit for Wrestlemania 34 next year. However, it’s been rumored that WWE officials could also book Angle vs. Triple H for New Orleans. If that’s the case, the feud with Seth Rollins could culminate at the WWE Royal Rumble. Afterward, the tension could switch between Angle and Triple H. Eventually, the WWE Universe could see another chapter of the historic feud between them.

Stephanie McMahon has been taken off WWE television to have some vacation time and for the WWE fans to get reestablished with Kurt Angle. It’s unknown when she will return to Raw. The big issue if until WWE officials know that Angle can wrestle, the potential for a match with Rollins continues to be at a stand still.

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