Donald Trump Jr. T-Shirt Choice Puts Savvy Photoshoppers To Work

When will Donald Trump Jr. ever learn? He probably thinks he has this social media thing all figured out, but he just keeps walking right smack dab in the middle of being the butt of internet jokes. Maybe he’s doing it on purpose. After all, shameless attention-grabbing seems to be a family specialty for the Trumps. Somehow, though, it doesn’t seem as if Trump Jr. is slyly winking along with the jokes. His posts, if poorly chosen, seem somehow earnest. First, there was the unfortunate comparison of refugees to poison Skittles while his father was still on the campaign trail. Then, he posted a photo of himself being stuck in traffic behind an Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, a promotional car decked out to look like a hot dog. In both cases, Twitter let him have it.

More recently, 45’s oldest son came under fire again when he tweeted out a supportive message to Mike Cernovich, an alt right blogger who, according to a report on BuzzFeed News, had a penchant for promoting dozens of wild conspiracy theories, including his belief that rape doesn’t exist.

What Now?

So, as if he’s just a glutton for punishment, Trump is at it again. This time, he’s tweeted a photo of himself wearing a questionable t-shirt while enjoying some leisure time with his family at the president’s self-proclaimed “Winter White House” in Florida. And just in case the message on the shirt wasn’t appealing enough on its own, Trump Jr. also decided to give the camera a goofy-looking double thumbs up, à la The Fonz from Happy Days. And the caption? Well, see for yourself.

The Internet Responds

As expected, the Internet was quick to respond with loads of alternate t-shirt slogans. Here are some Photoshopped samples from the Twitterverse.

One very pointed tweet, though, didn’t even need Photoshop to get across an impactful message.

What’s He Up to Anyway?

The 39-year old businessman just can’t seem to get out from under the mocking gaze of social media. But then again, it’s starting to appear as if he doesn’t want to. From the Sad Donald Trump Jr. meme to his propensity for making inflammatory statements, the Jr. Trump is apparently indicating that he thinks even publicity in which he gets completely roasted is better than no publicity at all.

In light of the modern political climate and with his father’s approval ratings hovering around an all-time low of about 40 percent, according to a CBS News Poll, it seems that Donald Trump Jr. may want to re-think his provocative social media posts. Instead of needling the media, maybe the Trump heir should focus more on posting family-friendly fare, such as the photo collage he shared on Instagram of his kids enjoying a family tradition of making “Easter Bunny Cakes.”

Annual Easter Bunny cake making session. I think Chloe, Spencer and Tristan ate most of the icing and candy decorations way before they even got on the cake but they had fun. #familytime #family #weekend #easter #bunny #easterbunny #cake

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