Joy-Anna Duggar Wedding Date Reportedly Revealed To Be Her Birthday

Joy-Anna Duggar has been engaged for a few months now. The announcement didn't come as a shock because anyone who watches the show or follows the family is aware that the Duggar children court with the intention of marriage. Only one courtship has not panned out for the children, and that was ended in 2015 after Josh Duggar shamed his family with two scandals. Austin Forsyth has known Joy-Anna for several years, and his intentions were definitely to make her his wife. The families have been friendly for quite some time too, which makes the wedding planning and getting together much easier.

Shortly after Counting On ended for the season, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth announced their engagement. Fans rejoiced for the couple and immediately began talking about their wedding. There has not been an official date announced, but speculations have been tossed around with several dates mentioned. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Joy-Anna Duggar will be getting married on her birthday. The date would be October 28, 2017. There has been some talk about it being a fake date used for the registry only. It turns out that Joy-Anna and Austin put up their wedding registry and possibly used her birthday to throw off nosy fans. Because the Duggars rely on surprise announcements to help boost their ratings, a little bait and switch isn't out of the question.

The Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth wedding registry is public for all to see. An option to purchase something for the couple is available as well. Several fans discovered the wedding registry on Amazon and posted it on social media to draw attention to it. Joy-Anna faced some criticism for choosing to add gift cards to her gift list. She was called "tacky" and other choice names for the items chosen, but her sisters also had similar things on their lists when they registered. A lot of attention has been put on Joy-Anna because she is going to be leaving home. That leaves Jana Duggar alone as the oldest Duggar daughter of marrying age still residing with her parents.

A new season of Counting On will be airing this summer. The assumption is it will focus on the engagement and wedding planning for Joy-Anna Duggar. Joseph Duggar is also courting, and that may have a little part in the new season along with Jessa Duggar who gave birth to her second child. With so much happening with the older Duggar children, one season is hardly enough time to catch up on everything going on. An official date for the season premiere has not been announced, but TLC did confirm it would be back this summer.

It will be interesting to see how Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth will pull off keeping their wedding a secret. Using her birthday was a brilliant idea and one that many didn't catch on to right away. The idea that Joy-Anna would want to get married on her birthday is baffling to some, but it could be an actual choice she made. A wedding date is solely chosen by the couple, and if something meaningful between the two happened on her birthday, it would make sense to choose that day. Fans are torn on what to believe, especially because stunts are often pulled to make ratings soar for the Duggar family. As of now, nothing has been confirmed as far as a date or place where the event will be held. Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are busy planning their rest of their lives together, and nothing is going to sway what they choose to do for the date or anything else regarding the wedding.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Twitter]