April The Giraffe's Calf Is Strong And 'Very Independent,' Says Animal Adventure Park Owner

April the giraffe gave the world what it was waiting for on Saturday, April 15 when she finally gave birth to her calf. It was an event that had been hyped up for weeks, and it came down to a few hours that garnered over a million views on Animal Adventure park's live cam. Everything from April's active labor to the calf taking his first few steps and bonding with mom were streamed live. Even now, tens of thousands of people at any given time are observing the progress already being made by the calf, which is yet to be named.

April the giraffe's calf is "very independent," says Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch. He says that April has been "very protective and encouraging" of her calf, who's quite "outgoing."

Bull giraffes aren't part of the rearing process, but Patch explains that Oliver has been quite "inquisitive" about his new son get "nose-to-nose" on occasion, giving viewers a chance to witness some tender moments between the two.

Patch tells ABC's Good Morning America that he was shaking when he made calls to gather the delivery team when April went into active labor. The birth was captured on Animal Adventure Park's live cam streamed on YouTube and attracted 1.2 million viewers. The park also filmed the birth from different angles and posted the footage on Facebook for those who either missed the birth or wanted to view it from a ground perspective.

As Patch described the baby giraffe's birth, it was "perfect" and all went as "planned." April's boy calf had a perfect fall and began bonding immediately with his mother.

It was revealed on Sunday that the calf is five foot, nine inches tall and weighs 129 pounds. Jordan stepped on a scale in April's stall for the vet to record before the calf was placed in his arms to get the animal's official weight.

In case you missed the live birth on Saturday, watch the recorded footage from Animal Adventure Park below.

April began acting noticeably different on Friday when labor pains started kicking in. She was steadily pacing in her stall as well as raising and twisting her neck. By nighttime, she was looking at her back end often as her tail was raised. By Saturday morning, the calf's hooves appeared, and Animal Adventure Park alerted everyone that the eagerly awaited birth was finally unfolding.

April followers have three more days to watch the live cam before it's shut down so the park can prepare for opening day in May. April's calf is the first one for Animal Adventure Park. The park is a young operation that launched just five years ago. In a short amount of time, it's become a viral sensation that has spread awareness for giraffe education and conservation.

What will April's giraffe be named? People can submit their votes to nameaprilscalf.com. Votes are $1 for a minimum of five votes. Proceeds will go toward giraffe conservation, care of the giraffes at the park, and helping children with epilepsy. The calf's name won't be announced for at least 15 days since there are two phases of the naming process, with one phase lasting 10 days and the second one running five days before a winner is announced.

April the giraffe, her calf, and dad Oliver have become internet sensations that people will sorely miss when the live cam is taken down. The park promises to keep followers updated on the popular giraffe and plans to post plenty of photos.

Are you excited that April the giraffe finally had her calf? The next big event is all about what the boy giraffe will be named.

[Feature Image by Animal Adventure Park/AP Images]