Kendall Jenner’s New Boyfriend Is A$AP Rocky? Onlooker Says, ‘They’re Together’ As A Coachella Couple

Who is Kendall Jenner’s new boyfriend? Kendall and A$AP Rocky fueled dating rumors once again as they got touchy at the Coachella bash last Saturday. An onlooker says that “they’re together” as the pair appears to be getting intimate and enjoying each other’s company. Both Kendall and Rocky haven’t commented yet on their budding relationship, but as what they say: actions speak louder than words. So, are they the new couple in town?

Kendall Jenner dating A$AP Rocky 'They're Together',

What went down at the Coachella?

The Jenner sisters are in it for the romance! If Kylie Jenner is seen flirting with Travis Scott during the weekend, how much more for big sister Kendall? Her cozy romance with the rapper got fans speculating if Kendall Jenner’s new boyfriend is A$AP Rocky. An onlooker happily tells us that “they’re together” as Kendall was seen dancing along to the rapper’s performance and blowing a kiss for him.

Are they certainly making it official? We hope so as Kendall’s presence at the Coachella fest marks her first public appearance after the release of her controversial Pepsi commercial ad. Nevertheless, the 21-year-old model seems to be all smiles when she’s beside Rocky. And it was clearly shown when Jenner supported him during his gig at #WeedMapsOasis.

Although the supermodel and the rapper arrived and left separately, the source said that Kendall went to the event just to see him perform and even asked organizers for his whereabouts. Aww, we see a loyal girlfriend in Kendall if they do get together.

Kendall Jenner new boyfriend is A$AP Rocky

One partygoer spilled details of Rocky and Kendall’s activities during the concert, “They were super cozy and super close. She rapped along to lyrics as the DJ played his song ‘F***kin Problems.’ She took his Gucci sunglasses off at one point and put them on herself. She sat next to him the whole time.”

Kendall and Rocky are excited to share the news with the public

Kendall Jenner might be dating A$AP Rocky as an insider close to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star revealed, “It’s pretty obvious that Kendall is crazy about him. She looked so proud when he was on stage, and it was clear she wanted everyone in the place to know they were together.”

On day two, things seemed to be getting more intimate with the duo. A$AP Rocky was set to perform at the #WeedMapsOasis party together with Brass Knuckles, West Coast Cure, FlavRX and Nameless Genetics at Indio, California. The reality star graced the event with a posse, and the two seemed to enjoy playing around while waiting backstage. “They were all over each other,” says an eyewitness. After his gig, A$AP was spotted planting a big kiss on her.

“They were all over each other,” says an eyewitness. After his gig, A$AP was spotted planting a big kiss on her.

The duo ignited romance rumors in early 2016, and they had been dodging questions about their relationship. Furthermore, they kept people speculating after they had been seen consistently hanging out and grabbing dinners together. They would even join each other on trips, with the most recent one at the Milan Fashion Week where Kendall strutted down the runway for big fashion bosses.

The hitmaker hasn’t been any less supportive of Jenner’s work. She hit the bottom after the massive backlash she received for starring in a protest-inspired Pepsi ad and Rocky was there to comfort her. Who would have thought that a rapper such as Rocky would show such genuine feelings for Kendall? He is truly one great friend, and possibly, boyfriend material.

“They’ve been spending a lot of time together and are getting more serious. They’re as close to officially boyfriend/girlfriend,” added the source. If Kendall Jenner’s new boyfriend is A$AP Rocky, then you can bet that you wouldn’t run out of #fashioninspo. The pair shares a deep love for being in the fashion world, and we couldn’t wait to see them in matching outfits.

Right now, the rumored couple is taking their time and any confirmation seems to be underway. At least we have something to look forward to.

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