Uh-Oh! Travis Scott Is Not Serious About Kylie Jenner At All, Calls It A Fling And Tyga Is Jealous

Travis Scott is not serious about Kylie Jenner at all. According to a source, Scott just wants the attention that comes with dating a Jenner. However, that triggered Tyga’s jealousy radar. Jenner and Tyga called it quits (again!) earlier this month resulting in Jenner’s availability in the market. With her famous background, it didn’t take long for her to have a fling with some guy in the name of playboy Travis Scott, and Tyga is jealous about it.

Travis Scott is happy that Tyga is jealous of his cozying up to Kylie Jenner

We see a pattern with the lip kit mogul’s love life: Kylie loves rappers. Aside from having the same first letter with their names, Tyga and Travis are rappers. Perhaps, Kylie has an eargasm for this kind of genre. LOL!

Will the Kylie-Travis tandem work? Or is this another over-the-top antic of Jenner to keep the rumors circling around her? If you ask us, it’s already doom from the very start as Travis Scott is not serious about Kylie Jenner at all.

Goodbye, Tyga! Hope you have moved on

The relationship of Kylie and Tyga has hit the lowest of the low and the highest of the high in a span of two years. They started dating in 2015 during Kylie’s 18th birthday. Remember that red Ferrari the rapper gave her? Since then, the couple has experienced a tumultuous on-and-off relationship.

With them calling it quits this month, do you think they’ll hit it off again in the near future? We think so; their puppy love romance is very unpredictable. Yet, while the former couple isn’t on speaking terms right now, a third party stole the opportunity. Sorry, Tyga!

Kylie Jenner has been enjoying her brief me-time moment for awhile. The young reality star spent the weekend partying and listening to the rave music at Coachella on Friday with somebody else. Rocking a neon green highlighter-inspired wig, model Kylie Jenner wowed the people with her tight-fitting, bum-baring golden dress. That’s one way to kick off the festivities!

She was spotted getting intimate with Travis Scott at designer Jeremy Scott’s Moschino x Candy Crush party during the weekend.

“Travis [Scott] thinks Kylie [Jenner] is smokin’ hot, and he loves all the attention that comes along with hooking up with her, but he’s a player,” a source told gossip mag Hollywood Life. That confirms it! Travis Scott is not serious about Kylie Jenner at all.

Tyga is jealous of Scott’s cozying up with Kylie Jenner

Someone is likely seething with rage right now. Take note: one way to make someone jealous is to hook up with his or her ex after their breakup.

The source continued, “[Travis] is one of those h**s in different area codes’ types. Plus, he and Tyga have a bit of a rivalry, so he loves the fact that Tyga’s long term girl is now hanging out with him on the regs.”

This isn’t the first time the 19-year-old starlet and Travis have met. Rumors claimed that Kylie would hang out with Scott whenever she and Tyga “are having drama” to make him jealous. “[Travis] and Kylie have also been friends for awhile and they all hang out.”

Travis Scott is happy that Tyga is jealous of his cozying up to Kylie Jenner

According to People, when the duo arrived at the party, they immediately made their way to a private table together with friends and “enjoyed the DJ.” Thinking that the crowded space is too much, the 24-year old rapper got up “and left the table” with Kylie following him out.

Tyga and Travis also had a history of backbiting in Twitter. The latter subtly threw shade at Tyga after a rap battle with Nick Cannon. He wrote, “WHY THEY DO TYGA LIKE THIS,” alongside several laughing emojis. It appears things are heating up between the two.

As for anyone thinking of a Tyga-Kylie reunion, a source close to the teen star explained that the couple “tends to take little breaks all the time and then get back together.” Tyga and Kylie may still have a chance of getting back together—just give them some space to realize all that.

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