Murder Suspect, Angelo Colon-Ortiz Arrested In Google Employee Vanessa Marcotte Attack In Massachusetts

Eight months after Vanessa Marcotte was raped, murdered, and burned in a Princeton, Massachusetts park, an arrest has finally been made after a DNA match to a Worcester, Massachusetts man, Angelo Colon-Ortiz. Despite the attempts to burn all DNA off of her hands, Vanessa Marcotte’s body still had DNA which matched that of Colon-Ortiz under her fingernails as she fought as hard as she could to fend off her attacker.

It was a tip that came into police in November which finally proved to be incredibly valuable in the Vanessa Marcotte investigation, according to the Inquisitr. Someone saw a dark colored SUV, complete with a male driver who looked suspicious in the area around the park where Vanessa Marcotte had been jogging that day in Princeton, Massachusetts. This information matches the details matched up with a license plate number that a state trooper wrote on his hand that day, as the SUV seemed out of place on the side of the remote park near the home of Vanessa Marcotte’s home.

The Boston Globe broke the story of the arrest of Angelo Colon-Ortiz after Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early, Jr. gave a press conference on Saturday. Early had been committed since the murder of Vanessa Marcotte to bring the killer to justice.


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Early is convinced that he has the right man in the murder of Marcotte, a Google employee who was originally from Massachusetts, but resided in New York at the time of her death. Early was pleased to announce that an arrest had been made.

“We got him. There is also one other person I’d like to thank in this case, and that would be Vanessa Marcotte. It was through her determined fight and her efforts that we obtained the DNA of her killer.”

Angelo Colon-Ortiz is being held on $10m bail at the Millbury State Police barracks, and will be formally arraigned on Tuesday. For now, Colon-Ortiz has been charged with aggravated assault and battery and assault with intent to rape, but Early said he expected a murder charge shortly. Oddly, the Massachusetts State Police have not been able to turn up any criminal history for Colon-Ortiz, which is what made it that much harder to match the DNA found on Marcotte’s body to someone in the system.

Vanessa Marcotte’s parents have started a foundation to honor Vanessa, and to help other women live a life free of violence. Marcotte’s parents never gave up hope that Massachusetts police would find the man that murdered their daughter. A statement from Vanessa Marcotte’s parents was released to the public.

“She was a beautiful, intelligent, and generous young woman whose passion for giving back to the community will always be remembered. As we move forward, her spirit will live on through The Vanessa T Marcotte Foundation that strives to empower women to live boldly and fearlessly.”

Marcotte’s parents hope that by “partnering with organizations that deliver educational programs to promote female empowerment, challenge and undermine gender stereotypes, and provide mentorship opportunities [for women].”

The matching DNA results came back on Friday afternoon, and Angelo Colon-Ortiz was arrested without incident soon after. Colon-Ortiz was said to be working near the park on the day that Vanessa Marcotte was attacked, raped, and then murdered in a Princeton, Massachusetts park.

Are you surprised that the suspect in the violent rape, murder, and burning of Vanessa Marcotte had no criminal history?

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