April 16, 2017
Ashley Graham Accused Of Photoshop As She Flaunts Bikini Body During Coachella Weekend

Curvy model Ashley Graham had fun showing off her bikini body while vacationing in the desert during the annual Coachella music festival. Graham shared several swimsuit photos with her Instagram followers this weekend as she proved curves are beautiful.

Ashley started the weekend by posting a shot of her lounging at the pool in a red swimsuit. Her fans commented on the photo as they shared their support for her body-positive campaign.

"I love you Ashley! My role model."
However, several Instagram users accused Graham of relying on photo editing to achieve her figure.

"Tsk tsk pretty girl that pic is photo shopped at the waist by the water(Blue) then the half inside the water, come on girl.. be real and mean it!"

Another user also suggested Ashley's waist was Photoshopped as they questioned why her left side looks different than the right.
"Where is the left side of her body?"
Page Six covered Graham's sexy poolside day as the site referred to the model as "body confident."
"The body-confident model, who certainly isn't afraid to whip off her top, lounged topless by the pool."
The article calls Ashley's curves "hourglass" shape as she showcased her figure in just a pair of bikini bottoms.
"She showed off her sexy hourglass figure in a pair scarlet red bikini bottoms."
However, proof of photo editing would undermine Ashley's campaign as she works to promote body acceptance for every shape and size. Her Coachella bikini photo isn't the only time Graham has been accused of Photoshop, either.Her appearance on a Vogue cover earlier this year raised questions about editing as she was the only plus-size model alongside the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and more. People magazine reported on the controversy as Graham attempted to quell the rumors.
"Ashley Graham says there was no attempt to cover her up at the Vogue cover shoot. The curvy model landed her first Vogue cover alongside Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, but her celebration was marred by controversy over certain parts of the image."
Fans called foul upon seeing Ashley posing with her arm covering her thigh and Gigi Hadid's arm seemingly edited to cover her stomach, as reported by People.
"Of the seven women, Graham is the only curvy model, and unlike the others, she has her hand covering her thigh. Her Instagram followers also believe that Hadid's arm was photoshopped to extend over Graham's stomach."
Graham spoke out in defense of her Vogue pose as she stated she chose to pose with her arm down.
"I chose to pose like that..no one told me to do anything."
However, she has yet to speak out on her Coachella photos as fans once accuse the model of depending upon editing to achieve her hourglass figure. Graham kept the Coachella images coming despite the slight drama surrounding her first post as she shared more outfits from the festival.

Ashley uploaded a video showcasing her stepping out of the pool in a revealing black bikini, which received over 1 million views. She also posted a workout photo as she maintained her routine during her Coachella weekend.

Graham wrapped up her stay in the desert by hosting a party with Bumble as she stepped out in a black mini-dress. Her fans took to commenting on the post as they told Ashley how gorgeous she looked during the event.

"You look AMAZING."
Another Instagram commenter echoed earlier sentiments by calling Ashley a role model for all women.
"So glad you enjoyed#winterbumbleland! You are as gorgeous in person as you are in photos and such an amazing role model for all women everywhere."
Graham's fans and followers would not be pleased to learn the model is relying on Photoshop to achieve her shape if fans' thoughts prove to be true. Stay tuned to learn if Ashley speaks out on the latest allegations.

[Featured Image by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]