WWE News: Major Changes Coming For '205 Live,' Brand Isn't Performing Well On the WWE Network

It's no secret that 205 Live has been struggling to find a consistent audience on the WWE Network, but the powers that be are considering some huge changes to the brand in another attempt to make the show more popular with the WWE Universe. The show seemed to be a great idea after the Cruiserweight Classic found so much success on the WWE Network. However, the current state of the show is said to be low right now.

In the beginning, the formula was simple. WWE signed many of the most talented and exciting wrestlers on the planet to create another brand that would offer a very different product from Raw, SmackDown, or even NXT. The cruiserweight division would also get the opportunity for more exposure on Raw every week until the show found an audience. On paper, 205 Live and the cruiserweight division had everything going for it.

There have been some reports about the WWE Universe not connecting or watching the show on the WWE Network. Since the show is taped after SmackDown Live, the attendance for 205 Live has been down as well because many WWE fans leave before the show is over. After several months of finding new ways to attempt to get the show over with the WWE Universe, the latest news on the future of 205 Live isn't good right now.

Neville Has Evolved His Character on 205 Live
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It has been reported that the response to the show hasn't been good at all in recent weeks. Dave Meltzer has taken note that WWE fans haven't been sticking around after SmackDown is over to see the show, which is a huge indication of why the show is not doing well. Not only that, but the fans in attendance are becoming more negative during the matches. Last week, there were noticeable "boring" chants throughout the arena.

By the numbers, more people are watching NXT each week than 205 Live. The reason why that's considered strange is because NXT is taped, but the latter airs live immediately after SmackDown. A lot of people aren't watching the show, which is puzzling to some. However, WWE already has Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and at least two PPVs each month. There just could be too much content every week for each WWE fan to watch.

The performers are doing what they can with their timeslot, but Dave Meltzer has been claiming for a while that WWE officials need to consider taping 205 Live before SmackDown Live airs every Tuesday night. A lot of people feel that the timeslot is the biggest issue holding back the show from connecting with the fans. The idea of airing the show on Thursday nights has also been brought up by some people over recent months.

205 Live Isnt Doing Well on the WWE Network
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It's been reported that Vince McMahon is said to be extremely disappointed with the way 205 Live and the cruiserweight division have been developing for the company. Of course, there have been some bright spots over the past few months. Neville is on the best run of his career as the Cruiserweight Champion, and seeing Austin Aries wrestle inside a WWE ring is a great sight to many people. No one is specifically being blamed.

However, there are likely to be some big changes made to the show in the near future to get a better fanbase around 205 Live. It's possible that WWE officials believed the WWE Universe would support 205 Live in the same way they did for NXT a few years ago. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened yet. Going forward, WWE officials are likely to try some new things to make 205 Live must see every week on the WWE Network.

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