Celebrity Easter Pictures – NPH, Kris Jenner, & More Share Their Easter Memories

Sometimes it’s nice to see that the stars that we love and follow on social media celebrate holidays like we do. Whether it’s sharing selfies with Easter baskets, or showing off photos of our kids getting along for once, or even attending some sort of Easter Sunday service, it’s something that connects all of us.

Easter Sunday is celebrated by all of us, even celebrities
Pope Francis delivers the benediction during Easter Mass at the Vatican. [Image by Gregorio Borgia/AP Images]

Then there are the glimpses of our favorite movie, television, and music stars letting their hair down and being a little weird. Here are some of the best social media Easter pictures from this year.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris wins the holiday again as he shows off his adorable kids, Harper Grace and Gideon Scot, with his husband David. The kids are in their Easter best and they show off a cute Easter bunny. Aww…at least until the bunny shows off its dark side.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom shows off his shorter blonde-dyed locks as he sports a set of “Deluxe” Bunny Ears. It’s not clear who’s room he’s hanging out in, but it’s someone who had a recent birthday.

Haylie Duff

Haylie Duff shows off how her daughter Ryan is bonding with her sister Hilary’s son, Luca. The pair is often photographed together and have also been called some of the cutest celebrity cousins around. Ryan is adorable in a pink dress with a big bow as she holds a purple plastic egg; Older cousin Luca gives her big thumbs up as they celebrate their haul, courtesy of the Easter Bunny.

Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes showed off a huge couture egg that he got as a gift from the Easter Bunny. Wearing a pair of white fuzzy bunny ears with a pink sateen lining, he gushed and said, “Happy Easter everyone…sending love to you all,” polishing off the sentiment with a row of 15 heart emojis.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. traded in his red and gold Ironman suit for a colorful Easter Bunny ensemble. Downey Jr. stands proudly in a llama-filled pen, sporting a white and pink bunny hood and a purple and blue Easter egg decorated jacket with green trim.

Reese Witherspoon

Everyone’s favorite adorable mom, Reese Witherspoon, is in a pair of pink and white bunny ears. The Instagram photo catches the star as she shades her eyes, perhaps looking for the Easter Bunny.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco showed off her puppies through her dog’s Instagram account. Ever since the Big Bang star deleted her own Instagram account last year, this is how she has been sharing things. One puppy is using the snapchat filter, while the other is sporting a pair of electronic ears.

Josh Duhamel

Snapchat filters are big when stars take selfies. Josh Duhamel sported a Snapchat bunny filter as he snacked on a single scoop of vanilla ice cream on a sugar cone. As the Transformer star affected a huge grin, he wrote, “Happy Easter ya bunch of goofs.”

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham showed off her Easter spirit by sharing a shot of herself in a tight blue outfit with a plunging V-neck. The former Spice Girl wore a vintage rabbit mask that was equal parts charming and disturbing. She wished her fans a Happy Easter and “kisses from the sunshine x us x VB”.

Kris Jenner

While the younger Kardashian and Jenner kids might be at Coachella rocking the weekend away, the head of the clan, Kris Jenner, shared a cute throwback photo. The older photo shows a very young Kourtney Kardashian in a ruffled blue and white gingham dress with a white front and matching frilly hat.

Carrie Underwood

Country music sensation Carrie Underwood also shared a throwback photo. The picture was of the singer when she was very young in an all-white Easter bunny outfit, complete with a pair of pink ears standing upright.

Easter connects all of us, from celebrity to pope to British royalty.
The Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, attends Easter Mass. [Image by KGC-178 STAR MAX/AP Images]

While not everyone can be as on point as the Queen Mother attending mass on Easter Sunday, it’s nice that these stars are friendly and fun enough to let their fans have a glimpse of their Easter celebrations.

[Featured Image by Igor Astakhovi/Shutterstock]