WWE Rumors: Shocking Opponent For Kurt Angle’s WWE Return Match Revealed

Sooner or later, Kurt Angle will step back into a WWE ring for one more match, but the WWE Universe may be shocked to see who his first opponent could be. The WWE Hall of Famer hasn’t wrestled a match for the company in over a decade. The WWE Universe is confident that it’s only a matter of time before he gets back into the ring again, especially after saying the following during an appearance at Wizard World Cleveland:

“You have to remember—I’ve been gone 11 years. I kind of missed a generation of people that don’t know who I am. This is a better way for them to get to know who Kurt Angle is—before Kurt Angle could possibly get in the ring. I haven’t talked to Triple H or Vince McMahon about wrestling, that will occur after the Hall of Fame, and we’ll see what happens.”

When Kurt Angle gets back into the ring isn’t the only big question. His opponent is just as important to his next match with the company. Considering Angle has been brought back to WWE programming as the new General Manager of Raw, the obvious rivalry would be Angle vs. Triple H. That match could even headline WrestleMania 34 next year. However, WWE officials may have a different idea for Angle’s first opponent.

Kurt Angle Will Have An On Screen Role On WWE Television Soon
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Recently, Kurt Angle listed his favorite WWE Superstars under the current roster. Angle is said to be a huge fan of Cesaro and Kevin Owens. He mentioned Dolph Ziggler, Seth Rollins, and even Chad Gable as a couple of guys he would like to step into the ring with someday. Angle vs. Owens is one of the most interesting due to the strong babyface versus heel dynamic the two men would have along with some good matches in the ring.

The Olympic Hero won’t be able to wrestle until the end of the year or on “The Road to WrestleMania” next year. On paper, that’s a great thing because the WWE Universe will have an entire year to get reacquainted with him and for WWE officials to ensure that Kurt is healthy enough to pass the physical tests necessary for a return to the ring. After all that anticipation, it looks like The Miz may be Kurt Angle’s first opponent back.

The Miz was described as the “right kind” of opponent for Kurt Angle. Someone who could handle working with him in the ring, and carry the majority of the work on the microphone during the feud. For instance, a lot of Miz’s heel heat came from consistent digs against Daniel Bryan and getting under his skin. The WWE fans took offense to that. The only thing is Bryan can’t wrestle anymore. Angle will likely be able to wrestle.

The Miz Could Face Kurt Angle Next Year
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As a character, it also makes sense for Miz to try to get under Angle’s skin now that he’s been moved to Raw from SmackDown. After all, he mostly got away with it on SmackDown Live. Why not do the same thing all over again on Raw. It will be a slow burn to Angle vs. Miz if it happens this year or next year. Obviously, Angle would win the match. Afterward, he could have one more match on the grandest stage of them all.

On paper, a lot of people may not be thrilled with the idea of Kurt Angle vs. The Miz. However, it’s the right kind of match for a huge WWE return like that. It would serve as an appetizer for something even bigger at WrestleMania 34. It may not be an anticipated dream match, but it would be something to remember.

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