Boston Marathon 2017: Adidas Says Sorry For ‘Insensitive’ Congratulations To Runners

After Pepsi, another popular brand has invited controversy after its inappropriate marketing email to Boston Marathon 2017 participants. Adidas used a controversial subject line to promote its products to the sportsmen on Tuesday.

The brand, however, has apologized for the choice of words in the email sent to Boston Marathon 2017 players. Adidas stated that it did not intend to hurt the sentiments of the participants.

“We are incredibly sorry,” Adidas stated. “Clearly, there was no thought given to the insensitive email subject line we sent Tuesday. We deeply apologize for our mistake. The Boston Marathon is one of the most inspirational sporting events in the world. Every year we’re reminded of the hope and resiliency of the running community at this event.”

The email sent to Boston Marathon 2017 players had an unacceptable subject line. “Congrats, you have survived the Boston Marathon,” the subject stated. The message from the brand came a day after the completion of the marathon event on Monday. The subject line reminded people of the bombs that exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013.

Several people injured in Boston Marathon 2013 bombing
Several people injured in Boston Marathon 2013 bombing [Image by Darren McCollester / Getty Images]

The event claimed the lives of three people four years ago, thereby injuring over 260. It was reported that Chechen-American brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev detonated two home-made bombs at the event.

As soon as the email details reached the public, it led to an online outrage. The social media response from the public made the brand to apologize for whatever they did. According to reports, a minimum of two survivors of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombardment participated in the 2017 sporting event. Kathrine Switzer, the first official female entrant, also participated in the marathon.

A couple of brands have involved in controversies recently besides Adidas’ Boston Marathon email. Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi scandal was the most popular among them. The model was featured in a Pepsi ad that seemed to have criticized the Black Lives Matter movement. Though the company provided its apology on the matter, the model is yet to admit her role in the Pepsi scandal.

The next on the list is United Continental, which was involved in a passenger controversy last week. It was criticized for violent dragging of a passenger from Flight 3411. The passenger, David Dao, suffered a concussion, broken nose, and loss of two teeth. The airport police dragged the passenger to vacant place for airline staff.

United Continental chief executive Oscar Munoz apologized for the inconvenience caused to Dao and other passengers.

“I want to apologize to all our customers… You can and should expect more from us,” he said. “We are and will make the necessary policy adjustments to make sure this will never happen again.” He said the incident would be a “true learning opportunity.”

According to latest reports, Adidas is all set to become Leinster’s kit supplier in season 2018/19 under a five-year contract. Adidas will be taking over Canterbury, which has long been the kit supplier for the rugby brand.

“Everybody wants exclusivity now, that’s the way the market is going,” one of the sources from sports accessory industry said. “I’d say it’s only a matter of time before someone will want an exclusive deal with the Irish shirt when that becomes available.”

The deal is to be signed by both the parties amidst the email controversy. Adidas’ Boston Marathon 2017 email was a promotional message but the choice of words made the brand questionable to the public. It is, however, to see now if the email controversy affects the brand name negatively or Adidas still continues to be the primary choice of customers.

[Featured Image Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images]