‘Lost Souls Café’: TV One Movie With Loretta Devine, Lessons: Build Black Wealth, Don’t Hire Family

Lost Souls Café, the new TV One movie, will air today in time for Easter Sunday. Directed and produced by Donald B. Welch, The Lost Souls Café (Lost Souls Cafe) is an adaptation of the play by the same name. The inspirational movie is created around a former 70s singer who tries to keep her voice and the legacy of soul music alive by opening a cafe. The lead role is played by actress Loretta Devine. It also stars Christian Keyes, Ernest L. Thomas, and Kiki Haynes.


On Lost Souls Café, the still beautiful and elegant Geneva Branch was once a successful soul singer during the 60s and 70s. Now retired, Geneva’s heart is heavy as she watches how the soul music industry has slowly faded from mainstream music over the years. The former songstress refuses to let the music and her financial future die right along with it. To keep her dream and the music alive, she decides to open an upscale black soul music cafe, where soul music fills the air as affluent guests watch live acts on stage. However, Geneva faces another crisis after she finds out that her nephew’s gambling addiction has put the cafe in financial jeopardy.

The movie gives a quick lesson on the dangers of hiring loved ones in a family business. But The Lost Souls Café is more than that. It shows one the importance of holding on to something great. And how, despite the latest trends, one can always find a way to thrive by putting a modern spin on any business idea.

According to Shadow and Act, Lost Souls Café movie also captures the downsides of entrepreneurship and putting your all into a business without an excellent risk and investment plan. Welch pulled from real-life examples of entertainment greats who were flying high while the money was flowing but who ended up floundering because they didn’t invest well.


In other words, Lost Souls Café‘s diva decided to take control of her life by building a business that would allow her to create wealth and continue to engage in something that she loved.

In an interview with Studio Q, Donald B. Welch gave some insight as to how Loretta Devine became part of the project. He stated that he wrote the movie with Devine in mind, which is how he chooses most of the actors who appear in his productions. To portray an older woman as sexy, smart, business-minded, and still relevant, were some of the elements that the character Geneva needed to possess. Loretta Devine was able to deliver all of those characteristics with precision. According to Broadway World Welch made the following statement.

“This particular character of Geneva is attractive and desirable and doesn’t have to be a size 2 to be considered sexy,” said Welch. “Loretta knows that when I write something with her in mind it is going to be fun and challenging and something that she’s never played before. I see Loretta as a chameleon and there is not a role that she can’t play.”

TV One viewers who are familiar with the work of actress Loretta Devine and Lost Souls Café director Donald B. Welch have expressed their excitement about seeing this movie. Judging by Lost Souls Café‘s movie clips, it is sure to stir emotion. In one clip, Loretta Devine displays her musical talent. Her voice quality is strong and deeply moving.


If the name sounds familiar, it’s because there used to be a Lost Souls Cafe in Los Angeles, California. The atmosphere at the old place was quaint and charming with urban decor sprinkled throughout. It also featured live music and poetry. Old-timers say it was a hidden gem that was difficult to find.

TV One’s The Lost Souls Café (Lost Souls Cafe) movie is produced by Donald B. Welch in association with Octed Group’s Chuck West, Broadway World reported.

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