Liked Watching April The Giraffe? There’s A Great Gray Owl Nest Live Cam Waiting For Eggs To Hatch And More!

If you enjoyed watching April the Giraffe on the giraffe cam as she waited to give birth, you might enjoy checking in on the great grey owl live cam hosted by Explore. See, there is only about a week left to watch April and her calf on the live cam. There is no shortage of live cams watching animals do their thing online, but there is something so exhilarating about waiting to watch the moment that another living thing is born – in real time. So, in addition to really cool live cams of animals doing their thing, you might want to check out this live cam of a great gray owl.

She’s expecting.

The great gray owl is the largest owl in all of North America. It’s one of the most iconic species in the world thanks to its concave-looking face, its bow tie, and its huge yellow eyes. The great gray owl has a five-foot wingspan, but only weighs about two to three pounds. Right now, there is a live cam peeking in on a nest containing great gray owl eggs.

The great gray owl requires a huge nest in order to raise its family, much like the bald eagles of the Decorah North Nest roost (another amazing live cam to watch).

Large birds of prey like eagles, hawks and owls need large nests. The great grey owl couple featured in the live cam made a nest in a very wide-diameter tree that had broken off at the top, creating the perfect platform for the owl nest.

When a great gray owl couple mates, they divide up responsibilities. The mother owl incubates the nest of eggs and warms the brood of chicks after they have hatched. The father leaves the nest to hunt for the entire family, including the mother.

Explore manages one of the largest live nature cam networks on earth, so between Explore and live cams at various zoos and other sites, there is always something exciting to watch and be a part of.

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You know, you can even watch a live cam of earth from the NASA ISS live stream aboard the International Space Station thanks to the HDEV High Definition Earth Viewing Cameras. It’s pretty spectacular, but you won’t see any baby animals being born.

April the Giraffe had an outstanding marketing team at the Animal Adventure Park, and there were millions of check-ins to see what was going on with the adorable, pregnant giraffe. For those who watched April the Giraffe for the feeling of wonder that can come about watching infant animals check out the world for the very first time, Explore‘s great gray owl cam might be exactly what is needed.

If you enjoyed watching April the Giraffe and want to peek in on the great gray owl nest, check out the live cam below, and share with your friends so that they realize that there is no shortage of live cams for people who enjoy getting to know animals in real time.

[Featured Image by Markus Schreiber/AP Images]