Watch April The Giraffe Live Cam: Animal Adventure Park Launches Baby Boy Names Contest As Calf Steals Hearts

If you thought April the giraffe was going to give birth to her calf and you'd be able to stop watching the live cam, you may have been wrong. After millions tuned in on Saturday, April 15, 2017, to watch April give birth live online at the Animal Adventure Park (AAP), many have remarked they're having an even greater time turning off the live cam now that the little guy is here!

The baby is a boy and he's stealing hearts worldwide. Though the giraffe calf will not remain at the Animal Adventure Park long-term, there is an official giraffe naming contest underway for the baby. The contest is a fundraiser with proceeds benefiting the Animal Adventure Park, Ava's Little Heroes, and giraffe conservation efforts in the wild. Now that April has given birth to her calf, many are watching the live cam before the stream ends. You may watch April and her newborn calf streaming live online via YouTube in the video player below.

Watch April the Giraffe, Calf Live at the Animal Adventure Park

April is a 15-year-old Reticulated giraffe who lives at the Animal Adventure Park with her five-year-old mate and the calf's father Oliver "Ollie." Jordan Patch first noticed mating behaviors between April and Ollie in October 2015. Giraffes have an extremely long gestation period and can conceive twice per month. Pregnancies can run 15 months long. Sharing his eagerness over the upcoming giraffe birth, Patch first shared live video of April on Facebook in January 2017. On Feb. 10, 2017, he set up the live YouTube cam that streamed 24/7 from the AAP's giraffe barn and April's stall. Within days, the Inquisitr broke the story to a well-received audience.

Interest in watching April the giraffe live was substantial and within several weeks, the live giraffe cam went viral. With mainstream media news (and some fake news sites) reporting on April, the live feed spread first to the United States then worldwide.

For approximately two months, viewers worldwide checked in for daily and evening updates on April's labor progress and journey towards active labor and the birth of her newborn calf. The calf's gender wasn't revealed and no ultrasound had been performed throughout April's pregnancy. The world bonded with April and was enthralled by April and Oliver, her antics and the excitement of her then, upcoming live birth.

On Saturday morning, April 15, 2017, the months of waiting finally paid off. Animal Adventure Park owner shared his personal excitement after sending out the labor alert to those who signed up for the service. You may watch a video below where Jordan Patch announced that April the giraffe was in active labor, the AAP staff had been notified and April's veterinarian Dr. Tim was on his way. The Animal Adventure Park had planned a natural, unassisted birth for April and they held true to those words. They did not intervene or disturb April and her newborn calf. She delivered her fourth calf live online and the world was ecstatic.

The Animal Adventure Park has assured the public that April and her calf are doing well and thriving. You can watch the live giraffe cam and see how wonderful the family is bonding. There are times when the newborn calf makes his way over to Ollie's side of the stall and Oliver responds. Though he is April's fourth calf, he is the first for Oliver. The Animal Adventure Park shared a photo of April and her calf in addition to providing the live giraffe cam so viewers can finish watching the pair as they bond. The live cam is expected to go offline in approximately one week or less.

Relive the Live Giraffe Birth with April and Calf

Did you miss the live giraffe birth yesterday? If so, you can watch both video streams shared by the Animal Adventure Park via YouTube and Facebook live. The video below is titled "Birth Archive" and features the YouTube stream at the moment April's active labor turned into delivery and ultimately the birth of her calf. The moment was amazing and more than one million followers and fans watched it happen live online.

You can watch the birth as it took place on Facebook live below. The Facebook videos provided a better picture, and more comprehensive angle than the YouTube video feed.

The Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch stated it's possible April might have another calf one day. What do you think? Would you be willing to watch the live giraffe cam all over again?

Are you still watching April the giraffe and her adorable, new baby calf live online? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by ChrisVanLennepPhoto/Shutterstock]