Adam Levine Slams The Roxy On ‘The Voice’ Over Dressing Room Snub

Adam Levine slams The Roxy, the venerable Los Angeles music venue, live on his televison show The Voice over an apparent dressing room snub.

As the Los Angeles Times noted, he unexpected dig came as Levine was giving comments to singer Cassadee Pope, who had just completed her version of Michelle Branch’s “Are You Happy Now?”

The song apparently set off Adam Levine, who slams The Roxy as a result.

“We used to open for Michelle Branch,” Levine told Pope. “I remember we opened for her at the Roxy, and they didn’t even give us a dressing home. I hate the Roxy. I’ll never play there again.”

Pope had a different experience with the venue. As lead singer of the band Hey Monday, Pope had played at the venue before and didn’t share Adam Levine’s distaste for it.

“I love the Roxy,” she said.

But Adam Levine persisted: “Oh, the Roxy is horrible. Don’t ever go there. “

As the audience began to respond, Levine gave more of an explanation. “They screwed us over,” he said. “And now they’re paying for it.”

As The Huffington Post noted, this was not the first time that Adam Levine slams something he doesn’t like. He once turned his anger to Fox News, which he called an “evil f**king channel” and banned them from playing his music, which drew an angry response from anchors at the network.

The Roxy apparently heard Adam Levine’s slams, and responded on Tuesday. The music venue changed its marquee to read, “Adam Levine your dressing room is ready.”