‘The White Princess’ Cast: Premiere Primer For Starz Sequel Series

The White Princess is about to premiere on Starz. So for the next eight weeks, prepare to become enraptured with the sequel series to The White Queen. Wondering what to expect in the premiere of The White Princess? Or who the cast of The White Princess includes? Everything you need to know is in this premiere primer for The White Princess.

What is The White Queen and how does it relate to The White Princess?

The White Queen is a 2013 miniseries that aired on BBC, and Starz. It is currently available to stream with an Amazon Prime subscription. The White Queen starred Rebecca Ferguson as the titular “white queen.” The White Queen told the parallel story of three women’s quest for power; Elizabeth Woodville, Anne Neville, and Lady Margaret Beaufort.

Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson) became the wife of King Edward IV, and mother to their ten biological children. One of those children is Elizabeth of York, the lead character of The White Princess.

In The White Queen, Elizabeth Woodville battled Anne Neville (the Kingmaker’s daughter), and the fanatical Lady Margaret for the throne of England. In the end, Lady Margaret was victorious, as she successfully helped rally her only child, Henry Tudor, to the English throne. It is an ending result The White Princess picks up shortly after.

What is The White Princess about?

Starz’s official description of The White Princess, which is featured on Starz’s media site, reads as follows.

“Adapted from Philippa Gregory’s best-selling novel of the same name and part of The Cousins’ War book series, ‘The White Princess’ sees England ostensibly united by the marriage of Elizabeth of York and King Henry VII, but their personal and political rift runs deep and the divide between them threatens to tear the kingdom apart once again.

“Rumors circulate that Elizabeth’s long-lost brother Prince Richard is alive and planning to take the throne – forcing Elizabeth into an impossible choice between her new Tudor husband and the boy who could be her own blood and the rightful York King. ‘The White Princess’ is a tale of power, family, love, and betrayal, which charts one of the most tumultuous times in British history uniquely from the point of view of the women waging the ongoing battle for the English throne.”

The White Princess Cast - Premiere Primer For Starz Sequel Series - Cast

Why is the Starz series, called The White Princess?

Like The White Queen before it, The White Princess takes its name from Philippa Gregory’s novel of the same name. Both novels are named after their lead characters, Elizabeth Woodville, and Elizabeth of York, respectively.

Why is Elizabeth Woodville referred to as The White Queen, and her daughter The White Princess?

The reason Gregory refers to Elizabeth Woodville as The White Queen, and her daughter, Elizabeth of York as The White Princess is due to their connection to the House of York, which used a white rose as their emblem.

Or as Game of Thrones fans would call it, their sigil. Both The White Queen and The White Princess center on a period known as the War of the Roses. The House of York’s rose was white.

How is The White Queen connected to The White Princess?

As the Inquisitr previously reported, The White Princess continues the story told in The White Queen. Instead of following The White Queen‘s lead character Elizabeth Woodville as its central protagonist, The White Princess centers on her daughter, Elizabeth of York.

What is the official synopsis for the first episode of The White Princess?

Starz’s official episode description for the first installment of The White Princess reads as follows.

“England is in a fractious state as the victor of the Battle of Bosworth, Henry Tudor, is set to ascend the throne. Elizabeth of York (‘Lizzie’) and her family, supporters of the former King, find themselves in grave danger. Lizzie must fulfill her promise to marry King Henry VII, in order to bring peace to the warring nation.”

Have the leading ladies of The White Queen cast returned for The White Princess?

No. The lead actresses of The White Queen, Rebecca Ferguson (Elizabeth Woodville), and Amanda Hale (Lady Margaret) have not returned for its sequel, The White Princess. As two of the few surviving members of The White Queen‘s original cast of characters, Elizabeth Woodville, and Lady Margaret’s stories will continue in The White Princess.

Essie Davis takes over the role of Elizabeth Woodville from Rebecca Ferguson for The White Princess. While actress Michelle Fairley, will portray Lady Margaret in The White Princess, the role previously portrayed by Amanda Hale in The White Queen.

The White Princess Cast - Premiere Primer For Starz Sequel Series - The White Queen

Elizabeth of York, who was played by actress Freya Mavor in The White Queen, has also been recast. Actress Jodie Comer, will portray the role on The White Princess.

How is Elizabeth of York, a princess?

Elizabeth’s parents were King Edward IV (played by Max Irons in The White Queen), and his wife Elizabeth Woodville, therefore making Elizabeth of York, a princess.

Why is the House of York, no longer in charge, when The White Princess begins?

Towards the end of The White Queen, King Edward IV became ill. Realizing his death was imminent, Edward named his brother, Richard III (played Aneurin Barnard in The White Queen), as his son and heir’s Lord Protector.

Before Edward’s heir, Edward V, could be crowned, Edward IV’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville was ruled invalid, making his children illegitimate, and no longer able to ascend to the throne. Richard III was then crowned the King of England, a title he held until the Battle of Bosworth, where he died fighting Henry Tudor’s forces.

Having claimed victory, Henry Tudor became the King of England, later known as Henry VII. If you guessed that means he is the father of the infamous, Henry VIII, you would be correct.

Did Elizabeth of York have an affair with her Uncle, Richard III, in The White Queen?

In the final episodes of The White Queen, Elizabeth of York (played by Freya Mavor in The White Queen) and her uncle, Richard III, are shown acting towards each other in a flirtatious manner. However, Richard III assures his wife Anne Neville that he is faking his interest in his niece, for political reasons.

How Lizzie’s relationship with Richard III in The White Queen will contextualize her relationship with her husband, Henry VII in The White Princess is not entirely clear. When The White Princess begins, Lizzie is not far removed from the events of The White Queen, and whatever occurred between her, and Richard III.

Will The White Princess provide clarity about their relationship? It is worth watching to find out. As has been previously stated on the Inquisitr, there are many reasons to watch The White Princess, so tune in to Starz to watch when it premieres.

When does The White Princess premiere?

The White Princess will premiere April 16 on Starz. New episodes of The White Princess will air Sundays at 8 p.m. EST.

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