Jill Kelley Stripped Of Consul Title From S. Korea

Honorary consul Jill Kelley, who featured heavily in the Gen. Petraeus scandal this month, is an honorary consul no more — the other other woman in the CIA sex expose has officially been stripped of her title.

Jill Kelley is Florida socialite who came to national prominence when her purported dalliance — one which affected an affair Petraeus was allegedly having with biographer Paula Broadwell — was revealed.

Jill Kelley had, up until that time, enjoyed “honorary consul” status for South Korea, an honor she can no longer boast. On Monday, South Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Kim Kyou-hyun told South Korean news outlet Yonhap that Kelley was losing the status — and not because of her torrid personal life.

According to CNN, Kelley had improperly used her honorary consul pull for dealings with a New York businessman, an activity that Kim Kyou-hyun says is frowned upon. The news agency quotes the Monday report, saying:

“It’s not suitable to the status of honorary consul that (she) sought to be involved in commercial projects and peddle influence. It’s also inappropriate as honorary consul.”

jill kelley

However, it is worth mentioning that Kelley is said to have invoked her status earlier this month when calling police about reporters who had come to her home for comment on the Petraeus blowup. On the call, CNN quotes Kelly as having said:

“I am an honorary consul general … I have inviolability. They should not be on my property. I don’t know if you want to get diplomatic, uh, protection involved as well.”

The news agency asked South Korean officials about Jill Kelley’s claim, and confirm that “an honorary consul can generally play a role of promoting trade and economic cooperation between the two countries.” It does not, however, carry diplomatic immunity.