Watch April The Giraffe Live Cam: Nursing And Bonding With Boy Calf At Animal Adventure Park, Relive Birth

It’s been a long journey for April the giraffe and the millions who waited to watch her give birth live online. On April 15, 2017, we can officially say the wait has been worth it.

April the giraffe went into active labor and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy calf. Well, he didn’t really bounce. He more or less plopped to the ground with a huge gush of water, but you can relive the entire birth process yourself in the video player below.

The Animal Adventure Park was true to their word and began live streaming the birth via Facebook. There are two official video feeds of April giving birth live online. The first is from the YouTube cam and the second is from Facebook.

Without question, the Facebook videos provided a better, more vivid picture and angle. There were times when April was giving birth and the YouTube feed couldn’t capture the entire moment. The Facebook feeds captured it all.

Watch April the Giraffe and Boy Calf Live Online Via the Cam


You can watch the live giraffe cam that is still streaming on YouTube in the video player above. Animal Adventure Park (AAP) owner Jordan Patch previously stated that the live giraffe cam would remain online for approximately 5 days following the birth. He wanted to ensure that April’s fans could enjoy the process of watching mother April, dad Oliver, and the calf bond together. Unfortunately, the giraffe calf will not stay at the park, but will ultimately be rehomed.

The live YouTube stream features the giraffe cam and other important videos. You’ll find a number of videos featured including behind-the-scenes footage of April and Oliver as well as other animals that call the Animal Adventure Park home. Also included in the playlist is the YouTube video featuring the birth. The YouTube video is four hours long and is set to fast forward and begins playing once active labor and calf’s hooves are seen. Though the YouTube video is wonderful, keep in mind, this is not the best footage. The Facebook videos shared below provide a better, more comprehensive view of April as she gave birth to her calf live online, earlier today. Here is the full birth as streamed live on the YouTube giraffe cam early Saturday morning.

The second video in the above playlist features the birth archive, or the YouTube video when April gave birth. You can also watch that video below as it streamed live.

The Facebook videos provide the best look at the birth. There are three videos and you can watch them in reverse order or from oldest to newest. There was audio in the Facebook live stream, unlike what viewers had become accustomed to watching on YouTube.

Here are the Facebook videos of April the giraffe giving birth as they streamed live.

Are you excited to see April and her calf together? Are you sad that the calf won’t stay at the Animal Adventure Park? The park is set to open on May 13, 2017. We’re waiting on word from Jordan Patch whether the calf will still be at the zoo on opening day.

While many people tuned in since Jordan Patch first put up the YouTube cam on Feb. 10, 2017, more people are watching the live cam now, after the birth than before. The cam will only be live for a limited amount of time and millions worldwide are watching to see April nurse her calf and witness their bonding time. This is April’s fourth calf and the Animal Adventure Park isn’t ruling out the possibility of letting her deliver once more.


After April went into active labor and gave birth to her baby boy, the Animal Adventure Park shared a photo of the calf nursing. You may see that photo below. While the AAP staff are extremely busy, they assured the public that everything is fine.

When the Inquisitr first broke the story of April the giraffe, we were told the birth would be imminent. No one could have guessed that April and the live giraffe cam would become the viral sensation it did. Millions tuned in each day to witness the birth live online and when it didn’t happen, people exercised patience. It has been a beautiful experience and millions worldwide have followed April’s journey. The Animal Adventure Park opens for the 2017 season on May 13.

Now that April has given birth, will you continue to watch the live giraffe cam? Are you going to follow along and would you be interested in watching another Animal Adventure Park live cam?

[Featured Image by Edwin Butter/Shutterstock]