Live Giraffe Cam On YouTube: April The Giraffe Gives Birth At Animal Adventure Park, It ‘Went As Planned’

After months of waiting, April the giraffe has finally given the world a beautiful calf, live on the giraffe cam. Subscribers to the text alert system will be notified of the calf’s sex first, however, the information should be available in news reports soon.

Over 1 million people tuned in to view the Animal Adventure Park’s live giraffe cam to watch April today. The internet began buzzing in regards to April’s incessant pacing and then, there were hooves. Speculation began forming as soon as viewers of the live giraffe cam witnessed both the vet and the park owner Jordan checking in on April.

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There are approximately 100,000 wild giraffes roaming Africa, but some of the subspecies are almost entirely extinct. April the giraffe’s calf is of greater importance than simply a showpiece. Education programs along with conservation and breeding efforts, like those of the Animal Adventure Park, are essential to keeping reticulated giraffes from disappearing completely.

With over 15 million views, the Animal Adventure Park’s live giraffe cam has proven to be of importance around the globe. The park staff has done a tremendous job of educating thousands of households at a time.

Because of their sheer size, giraffes have very few natural predators in the animal world. Humans, however, have proven to be a very real threat. Giraffes are poached for their thick hair and skin.

The staff at the Animal Adventure Park has been very informative of April the giraffe’s pregnancy, as well as facts regarding April’s species. April the giraffe is a reticulated giraffe, which is a breed now facing extinction. Patch believes that the Animal Adventure Park’s live giraffe cam has helped to bring a voice to what was once a “silent extinction”

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Aside from education, breeding and conservation efforts, April the giraffe and her live giraffe cam have brought a sense of peaceful unity to many people. The live giraffe cam on YouTube has brought individuals, who live all over the world, together and has allowed many of them to witness the miracle of a giraffe birth. Thanks to Animal Adventure Park’s giraffe cam, April has not only become an outstanding educational tool, she has also become a form of family friendly entertainment.

April the giraffe and her “boyfriend” Oliver have grown to be one of the most viewed internet live feeds this year. Thousands of people tuned into the live giraffe cam on YouTube to wait and finally witness the birth of April’s giraffe calf. In essence, April the giraffe became a form of reality television. The “April the Giraffe Show” allowed viewers to enter into the behind the scenes action of a giraffe barn, which is a rare opportunity.

Since the Animal Adventure Park began streaming live on the giraffe cam, April’s daily routine has been witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people at any given time. Without the live giraffe cam on YouTube, we would not have been able to observe April’s love for Oliver and her keepers. A majority of us would have never known about her, or her calf. We would have never known how much we were missing.

The park has informed April’s fans that the live video will remain steaming for at least the next few days, allowing people time to see the baby and witness the bonding process. During this time, the Animal Adventure Park will hold a contest to name the calf. To keep an eye on April and her beautiful calf, watch the live giraffe cam on YouTube below.

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