‘Dance Moms’ Producer Says Season 7 Could Be Show’s Last After All

After the recent major departures in Dance Moms, the hit Lifetimes series is in danger of being cancelled with producers themselves unsure of the show’s fate.

The Fearless Dance Experience in Lawndale today will serve as the Dance Moms Season 7 finale. A producer of Dance Moms took to Instagram expressing worry about the possibility that the filming at the competition will be the last for the whole series.

The post was shared by the ever-reliable Dance Moms insider Beth, who blurred the name so as to protect the Dance Moms producer in question from potential haters.

“Possibly the last day on set for rehearsals. Lots of emotion.”

While this does not make the cancellation of Dance Moms official, it does hint the possibility, which, in turn, is still enough to worry fans especially since it comes from a producer of the series.

There was supposed to be another episode of Season 7 to be filmed after Fearless Dance Experience, but it appears to have been scratched. In an Instagram post, Beth explained what this could mean for Dance Moms.

“There was an extra episode to be filmed but it doesn’t look like that’s happening, unless it’s a reunion type episode. With no Abby and going by what Kendall posted earlier this week – could this be the last time the girls will be filming together?”

From the looks of it, the people behind the reality show have not figured out yet what to do with Dance Moms although they seemed to be determined to go on. After all, they recruited Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke as Abby Lee Miller’s replacement and fan-favorite Chloe Lukasiak will be making a full-time return.

Major cast member after cast member quit the series over the course of a few weeks. After Miller left, Brynn Rumfallo, Maesi Caes and mini dancers Elliana Walmsley and Lilliana Ketchman followed. Gianna Martello, the choreographer for the ALDC since the beginning of Dance Moms, also left the series following Abby Lee Miller’s departure.

A Dance Moms Season 7 still showing Abby Lee Dance Company coach Abby Lee Miller
Abby Lee Miller as seen in Dance Moms Season 7 [Image by Lifetime]

These cast members are unquestionably big pulls for viewers and their exit is expected to deal a major blow to the ratings and viewership of Dance Moms. However, it seemed for a moment that these departures allowed the series to zero in on its original stars, which will make for an enticing premise. Sadly, it appears that there is a hitch to that too.

The latest to leave is apparently Kendall Vertes, who hinted in a post on Instagram story that she will be out of Dance Moms after their filming for Fearless Dance Experience.

“This week will be the last week of the most amazing chapter in my life so far.”

After that cryptic post, she also posted a video of herself donning an ALDC sweatshirt. The clip was even reposted by Abby Lee Miller. This gave the impression that she is indeed leaving Dance Moms.

Furthermore, fans will also remember that OG dancer Nia Sioux said in an interview with Hollywire TV that her Dance Moms contract will expire after Season 7. She will have to renegotiate with Lifetime in order to be part of a new season should there be one. However, she hinted that she might not come back as well.

“I’ve been doing it for so long, if it goes on, we’ll see what happens. But if it stops, I think that it’s been a long show, it’s kind of like a bittersweet kind of thing.”

There were doubts that Dance Moms will not stay afloat after these major losses. However, the positive reception for Burke’s takeover and the spotlight on the original dancers provided a glimmer of hope.


Unfortunately, with the producer’s remark, the show might be close to getting the ax. For now, however, it is too early to determine the true fate of Dance Moms. Until Season 7 airs, Lifetime is not expected to make its final decision on whether the show should go on or not.

What they end up deciding will definitely have something to do with how the Dance Moms fans respond to a smaller cast and a new coach.

[Featured Image by Lifetime]