50 Cent Confirms 'Power' Season 4 Release Date, Says It's Better Than The Previous Season

Starz hit series Power has done record rating numbers for the network, and fans have been waiting for its return. A fourth and fifth season has already been confirmed, and the producer and actor 50 Cent has confirmed its release date on Instagram.

50 Cent wrote the following regarding Power Season 4.

"I'm gonna let POWER return on my birthday. This season is even better then the last. Make sure you put STARZ in your cable package. POWER, BMF, Tomorrow Today. Coming soon!!!"
50 Cent is going to party like it's Power Season 4 premiere rather than his birthday, which is July 6. Therefore, mark your calendars as Power returns on July 6, 2017.

None of the official Power social media accounts have confirmed the release date. However, since 50 Cent is the producer, he is certainly a credible source.

The late Charlie Murphy is appearing in the fourth season of Power. According to a TMZ report, fellow cast members and staff were unaware of his illness.

"Production sources on the show -- which stars 50 Cent -- tell us they had no idea Charlie was dealing with cancer. We're told he never told anybody on set and put in the work like everybody else."
50 Cent paid tribute to the comedian and actor. Power creator Courtney Kemp also left a tribute to Murphy on her Instagram stating, "RIP Charlie Murphy. We were so lucky to work with him on Power this season. His talent and his commitment were beyond measure. Keep them laughing in heaven..."

Fans will get the chance to see the comedian and actor on Power where he plays a prison guard, Marshal Williams. In Season 3 of Power (spoiler ahead) James "Ghost" St Patrick is behind bars for the murder of Greg Knox. Although he did not commit the crime, things are not looking good for Ghost. Tommy Egan plans on selling drugs in his club; Kanan, played by 50 Cent, has kidnapped his son; and Greg's real killer Mike Sandoval has maintained his cover.

Angela, who Tommy repeatedly warned Ghost about, arrested him in the third season finale. Lela Loren, who plays Angela Valdez, spoke to Hollywood Life about the fourth season. When asked about what fans can expect in the upcoming season, Loren says the following.
"I would say that season 4 starts out going in a particular direction and will sort of lull you into thinking that Power has become a certain thing, and then it will whip around and bite you in the face like a rabid dog. It's like that dog that you thought you loved just [mimics a dog biting]."
Loren also tells fans that they can expect a harder Angela when asked about her character and what she has been through in the series so far.
"I think whenever heartbreak or something like that you'd hoped and dream for really fails, you tend to slingshot back in the direction of the person you used to be. Angela will kind of clamp back down again. She's definitely harder this year."
It is unclear whether Ghost will fight to save his marriage or try and get back with Angela. James will also have to save his son, who despises him, from Kanan. It is likely that Ghost will try and accomplish all at once; however, juggling too many things at once may have led Ghost to end up in prison, to begin with.

Power Season 4 premieres on July 6, according to 50 Cent. It will likely feature 10 episodes like the two previous seasons. How will Ghost get himself out of his current predicament? Will he finally pay the price for his deception?

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[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]