Darren Knight Tour: An Exclusive Interview On Sold Out Shows, Meeting Fans, And The Future Of ‘Southern Momma’

Darren Knight has won over the hearts of millions with his “Southern Momma” comedy bit, and now he is taking his show on the road. For the past year, Knight has been touring the country, putting on his “Southern Momma An Em” comedy shows for thousands of fans, and needless to say, they are a hit!

Knight, of Munford, Alabama, has been busy, to say the least, but luckily, the Inquisitr was able to catch up with him for an exclusive interview about his current tour and what he sees for the future of “Southern Momma.”

“It’s been going good,” Darren said of his tour. “You know, we took a little break in December and January, but we picked back up in February, and it’s just been non-stop. I mean, we had the shows that picked up in February we had actually booked last October, and so these shows have sold out so quick. When our tour started, we started booking shows for the summer time and it’s just been non-stop. Some of these shows are selling out in 30 to 40 minutes, some are taking a few days, so yeah it’s been awesome. “

Darren Knight Tour: An Exclusive Interview On Sold Out Shows, Meeting Fans, And The Future Of 'Southern Momma'
Darren Knight has had 110 consecutive sold out shows during his "Southern Momma An Em" comedy tour [Secondary photo by Darren Knight]

“You know, we’ve done like 110 straight sold out shows,” he continued. “Yeah, it’s been crazy. As soon as we book one, they fill up. There is small talk right now about teaming up with the casinos.”

Darren said he and his crew are focusing the majority of their time on his tour right now, leaving fans to wonder, where does that leave “Southern Momma?” According to Darren, “she’s just kind of in the wind right now.”

“I don’t want to say or be one of those one-hit wonders, but honestly, we are really just devoting most of our time to these shows,” he explained. “I’m not going to say I’m going to stop making videos because I don’t want everyone to freak the h*** out and start unfollowing me, but there comes a time where you do have to take another direction,” Knight continued, before sharing some exciting news for fans.

Darren Knight Tour: An Exclusive Interview On Sold Out Shows, Meeting Fans, And The Future Of 'Southern Momma'
Darren Knight performs in front of a full house in Raleigh, North Carolina [Secondary Image by Darren Knight]

Darren exclusively told the Inquisitr that there may, or may not be, a weekly podcast in the works. This means, instead of getting an occasional video (not that there is anything wrong with that), fans will get to catch Darren Knight live each week.

“Now, this isn’t in stone or anything yet, but there is small talk right now of doing a weekly podcast,” Knight revealed, adding that if it were to happen, it would be a subscription type deal on Facebook.

Although stand-up comedy is somewhat new to Darren, he said he is really having a good time with it, all while learning as much as he can.

“We’ve had a lot of people that have come to some of the shows when the tour first started last year, and they said you know, you have definitely come a long way,” he said. “They said you were good before, but you seem like you have just gotten better. I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable on stage. You gotta think too, I hadn’t been doing stand-up very long before this started so not only have I been given this great opportunity, but I’m actually learning, which I’d imagine everybody does in their profession, but I’m really having to learn from a beginner’s standpoint. But it’s been good. Yeah, it’s been fun.”

His favorite thing about touring is meeting the fans.

“Meeting the people have been phenomenal!” Darren said. “Getting to meet the people has been the best thing. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s the truth. Getting to meet these venue owners and their friends and family, and then getting to meet the fans. Just really having fun with it right now is what we’re doing. That is the most rewarding part, getting to meet the people who made me who I am today.”

“So early in this stage, you need to get out there and meet your fans, you need to be out there shaking hands and doing meet and greets and being in the public’s face. I personally enjoy it, and as early as we are with this, you know people know me from social media, but I want them to meet me if they can. I want to get out there and go to their home towns, you know, that’s a big deal to people.”

Darren Knight Tour: An Exclusive Interview On Sold Out Shows, Meeting Fans, And The Future Of 'Southern Momma'
Darren Knight stops to take a pic with some of the "Southern Mommas" that attended his show in Asheville, North Carolina [Secondary Image by Darren Knight]

If you haven’t had a chance to catch Darren Knight live, his tour will run through the end of June. Knight will be taking the month of July off and will pick back up with his shows around the third week of August. To see if Darren is coming to a town near you, click here.

[Featured Image by Darren Knight]