Beyonce, Jay Z Allegedly Terminated Adoption Plans After Learning About Twin Pregnancy

Beyonce and husband Jay Z reportedly canned plans to adopt a child after learning they had conceived twin babies, a new report claims.

Beyonce, who has wanted to extend her family ever since the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy, had initially thought she’d be settling with the idea of adopting a baby with her husband since conceiving a child the natural way was evidently proving itself to be quite the challenge.

At the age of 35, Beyonce was desperately hoping to find out she was expecting another baby, but even when she thought she was pregnant, it turned out that she wasn’t, leading her to think that settling with the idea of adopting a child was her only other option.

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According to Radar Online, Beyonce was more than ready to welcome another child into her home — whether it was biological or not. The “Formation” star reportedly told her husband that she has wanted Blue to have a sibling because that’s the way she grew up, with her sister Solange by her side.

Regardless of whether it was going to be through birthing the child or adopting a baby, Beyonce had her mind set that she wanted to expand her family. The good news for the couple came when Beyonce learned that she was expecting twins, consequently canceling initial plans to adopt.

“They had finalized papers to adopt a child and were on the hunt for an orphan to take home when the IVF worked,” the insider tells Radar Online. “Thankfully they’d not yet started visiting orphanages so they hadn’t bonded with any kids yet. Having twins on the way has totally put adoption on the back-burner.”

News of Beyonce having reportedly considered adopting as an alternative to expand her family comes just weeks after reports had made it known that Beyonce was very unhappy with the amount of weight she had reportedly gained in a matter of months.

According to reports, having completed her “Formation Tour” in October, Beyonce was in the best shape she’s been her entire life, and while she recognizes that being able to carry twins is a blessing, the soon-to-be mother-of-three also knows that the amount of weight she’ll pack on prior to the birth will be a lot.

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In attempt to keep her body from reaching extraordinary numbers on the scale, as Beyonce has allegedly called it, the soon-to-be mother-of-three is reportedly exercising as much as she can with the help of a personal trainer, Elle reveals, fearing that gaining too much weight will make it harder for the 35-year-old to drop the pregnancy pounds once the twins have been born.

Sources say that having a big family has always been something that Beyonce and Jay Z had in mind, regardless of whether it was through natural birth or adoption, and the idea of having more kids after the twins have been delivered certainly hasn’t been ruled out yet either.

For right now, however, Beyonce’s main focus is on gearing up to birth the twins she’s carrying, with insiders noting that the “Sorry” singer has nothing planned for the remainder of the year as far as her music career is concerned.

While Beyonce and her husband had allegedly planned to drop a joint album over the summer, those plans were canned following the news that the former Destiny’s Child lead singer was expecting twins.

Do you think that Beyonce will still want to adopt children in the future now that she’s already got two bundles of joy in the oven?

Beyonce has yet to reveal when she’s expected to give birth to her twins. Sources say it will be anywhere between May and July.

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