Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner Feud Over Kylie Jenner Fame: Sister Overshadowing ‘KUWTK’ Star’s Career

Kim Kardashian is furious over the supposed fact that her mother, Kris Jenner, is investing more time in making sure that Kylie Jenner’s career is running smoothly before worrying about her other daughters, it’s been claimed.

Kylie Jenner’s career has skyrocketed in the last two years, with the 19-year-old having launched a multi-million dollar cosmetics line that ranges from a successful lip kit collection, makeup appliances and so much more.

Now, Kylie Jenner wants to further her entrepreneurial endeavors and branch into fashion and potentially launching her own stores across the world, which would evidently mean that Kris Jenner’s helping hand is needed for it all.

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Kim Kardashian, however, is annoyed by the fact that Kris is allegedly spending more time on Kylie’s career than the rest of the family, In Touch asserts. It’s particularly annoying for Kim Kardashian, who has stressed time and time again that she is the reason why her siblings managed to have successful careers in Hollywood in the first place.

It was just 10 years ago when Khloe and Kourtney were working full-time hours at their DASH store in Calabasas while Kim Kardashian enjoyed hanging out with her celebrity friends including Paris Hilton, Brandy, The Game, and Nick Cannon.

Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, in 2007, which has now grossed over $100 million worldwide, is what would help surge the TV star’s fame immensely, eventually helping Kim land the hit show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, while the rest has been deemed to be history.

All in all, however, Kim Kardashian doesn’t feel like her work to get her sisters to where they are today is appreciated. If it was, Kris Jenner would have made more of an effort in balancing her time with each of her daughters to make sure nobody is being favored because they appear to be the most popular on social media right now.

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“Kim is really not feeling Kylie and her ability to make money hand over fist and she’s blaming Kris [Jenner]!” an insider tells Hollywood Life. “Kylie’s the golden child and Kris is giving her so much attention. It’s annoying Kim and making her jealous. Kim is used to Kris and her sisters sucking up to her and being the center of their world and the press, but that’s been taken over by Kylie!”

Kim Kardashian has definitely noticed that Kylie’s fame has more or less surpassed the rest of the family. Whatever the 19-year-old puts her name on tends to sell out within seconds of it hitting the market, hence why her cosmetics line has been so popular with her millions of fans.

If anything, Kim Kardashian is worried that Kris will continue to make Kylie a priority while the mother-of-two is forgotten about. It’s annoying for Kim to think that even though she’s the reason her family is where they are today, nobody appreciates what she has done for them to make them household names, the insider concludes.

“Kim feels like she put the family on her back and turned each one of them into a household name and that they should be thanking her daily. Instead, she feels like she’s being fazed out by Kylie’s fame and her ability to make money so easily and blames Kris for making everything so effortless for Kylie. When Kim was coming up, she had to do everything herself. Kylie will never know the real struggle.”

News of Kim Kardashian’s supposed jealousy over Kylie’s booming career comes just days after the TV star was said to have felt envious after learning that her younger sister had inked a deal with the E! network for her own spinoff show titled Life of Kylie, which is expected to air later this year.

Is Kim Kardashian in the right to mention that her career is just as important as Kylie’s, or do you think she’s overreacting in this given situation?

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