‘Fairy Tail’ 532 Manga: Zeref, Anna Vie For Ravines Of Time Control, Natsu Transforms Into Demon-Dragon Hybrid

The upcoming Fairy Tail 532 Chapter of the manga series will likely focus on Zeref Dragneel as he tries to implement the spell he believes to be the solution to all problems, the Neo Eclipse. However, his plans will face challenges from Natsu, who is bent on defeating and preventing him from casting the spell that could erase his friends as well as from Anna Heartfilia, who has other plans on how to use the powers of the Ravines of Time.

Zeref’s Ultimate Goal

Zeref’s solution to the current problems he is facing is so simple that it would have been attractive if it were not so disruptive to the current state of affairs. Instead of merely traveling back to a point in the distant past, Zeref plans to reset time itself so that he will have a chance to relive his life while erasing everything and everyone else in the process, a spell that Zeref may attempt to cast in the coming Fairy Tail 532.

The Neo Eclipse aims to solve three problems that the Black Wizard is facing. First, Zeref views immortality as a curse rather than a blessing. Indeed, there seems to be no point in being able to live forever if one cannot love or care for another human being as it would ultimately lead to their demise. Fairy Tail 532, titled “I Can No Longer See Love,” will most likely feature Zeref trying to cast the Neo Eclipse spell, as well as explore his justifications for doing so.

Turning back time to a point before he became immortal would solve this burden of being unable to love and care for someone. It would also reverse the need for Natsu to become the demon E.N.D. as Zeref plans to go back to a time before Natsu died. Lastly, it could be the solution to the threat posed by Acnologia as Zeref hopes he could reset time to a point before the Black Dragon obtained his fearsome power, back to a time when he was still a regular dragon slayer.

In the previous chapter, Mavis was seen joining the fight between brothers. This latest development actually pleased Zeref as Mavis is a crucial part in casting the Neo Eclipse, along with Natsu and the power coming from the Ravines of Time. Will Zeref be successful in resetting time in the coming Fairy Tail 532?

Natsu Becomes A Dragon?

While it has been previously speculated that Natsu can no longer transform into a dragon, the recent chapter seems to challenge that theory. Faced with the overwhelming power that Zeref possessed, Natsu was seen upgrading himself that, by the end of the chapter, it appeared as if he is on the way to dragonification. For instance, scales appeared on his forehead and around his eyes that one can’t help but compare to Irene Belserion’s transformation. In his quest to defeat his older brother Zeref, will Natsu transform into a dragon in Fairy Tail 532?

It is too early to tell at the moment. But there is another event shown in the previous chapter that seems to suggest that Natsu could be turning into something else.

The Book of Zeref that resurrected Natsu is currently in Lucy and Gray’s possession. Sitting on a bench somewhere in Magnolia, they were surprised when the characters in the book started to flow outwards. Of course, the implication is that the demon E.N.D. is now starting to be awakened. But since Natsu has now exhibited some dragonlike characteristics, will Natsu transform into a dragon/demon hybrid in the coming Fairy Tail 532?

Anna’s Second Option

Meanwhile, the group of mages on board Pegasus’ flying ship Christina will be facing some tough times ahead in Fairy Tail 532. While they have successfully lured Acnologia into the spot where the Ravines of Time is located, they ultimately failed to seal the Black Dragon away inside the chaotic space-time aberration. Apparently, Zeref has sealed the Ravines of Time as he intends to use its power for his own spell, the Neo Eclipse.

As previously speculated by the Inquisitr, there is a conflict between Zeref and Anna’s plans on how to deal with Acnologia and how to utilize the unfathomable powers of the Ravines of Time. In fact, previous speculations came true, Zeref’s meddling with the space-time anomaly resulted to the failure of Anna’s strategy.

But Anna is not giving up yet. With the Black Dragon hot in pursuit and determined to end them all, Anna has no choice but to give it a second shot in the coming Fairy Tail 532. Will she successfully undo Zeref’s seal and use the Ravines of Time in sealing Acnologia?

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