‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ Finale Tonight, But Fans Hope Park Hyung Sik & Park Bo Young Would Date For Real

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon will be airing its last episode tonight on JTBC. On Episode 15, Do Bong Soon provided vindication for the four kidnapped young women, including her best friend, Na Kyung Shim, as she captured psycho kidnapper Kim Jang Hyun at last. In an ironic twist of events, the crazy criminal ended up in his own steel bars after Bong Soon, Ahn Min Yuk, and In Gook Doo cornered him in a construction site where our heroine had her first encounter with the criminal.

The JTBC series show producer said that viewers “will find what they are looking for” as they wrap up the drama. “The ending will have everything viewers are looking forward to,” the EP further added.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon finale finally sends Jang Mi Kwan behind bars
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This leads to high expectations for Episode 16 after Bong Soon has finally put on an end to the episode of the creepy Kim Jang Hyun played by Jang Mi Kwan. However, fans have been clamoring for more lovey-dovey scenes between Min Hyuk and Bong Soon. There are even hopes that the onscreen couple would get married before the series concludes.

Titular lead actress Park Bo Young recently shared her favorite scenes in the drama. One of these was when she realized that she doesn’t need to hide her power and that she could use it to do good. This was when she witnessed a pervert violating a female passenger on the bus. Bong Soon then delivered justice for the pervert’s actions.

“I liked the scene also because it felt good to act out the change in Do Bong Soon’s perspective [on her powers],” the actress said.

She also shared her favorite line where she tearfully confronted her mother for playing favorites between her and her weaker twin, Do Bong Ki. Fans were moved by Bo Young’s emotional call to her mother to love her as much as she does her sibling. In later episodes, Bong Soon’s mom would explain that she protected Bong Ki more because she knew Bong Soon would be able to handle herself given the power that was passed on to her by their ancestors. But this doesn’t mean that she loved her superhuman daughter any less.

On the other hand, Park Hyung Sik’s favorite scene was that of Episode 14, where he stared longingly at Bong Soon and said, “Please look at me. Please love me.”

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon lead Hyung Sik loves this scene from the k-drama
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This scene happened after the emotional moment when Bong Soon, having lost her superhuman strength, was finally caught by Kim Jang Hyun in chains. He then tied a bomb to her that would set off in minutes, causing the whole Ainsoft building to blow up. In a desperate but hopeless attempt to rescue Bong Soon, Min Hyuk chose to stay with her knowing full well that the bomb will definitely take his life too. According to Soompi, Hyung Sik shared how this scene really made an impression on him.

“I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a more thoughtful and emotional scene before. Even thinking about it now, I can still feel lingering emotions in my heart from that scene that I just can’t explain in words.”

This further made fans’ hearts flutter as they hope for a real-life relationship to eventually happen between Hyung Sik and Bo Young. According to insiders of the K-drama, the couple would often be seen sharing gentle back rubs during filming. Dating or not, the actors’ chemistry and connection definitely helped in making this K-drama one of the top-rated ones shown this season.

Meanwhile, the cast and crew of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon are headed on a reward vacation to Bali on April 20. It has been confirmed that Hyung Sik and Bo Young will be joining cast members Ji Soo, Kim Won Hae, and Im Won Hee on a one-week break, after wrapping up production of the K-drama.

Prior to Bali, Hyung Sik and Bo Young will be making a side trip to Singapore on April 29 for a public Meet and Greet session to be held at the Korea Travel Fair 2017. The event will take place at the Main Atrium (Level 1) of Plaza Singapura at 2 p.m.

According to the Weekender, fans could join an online contest for a chance to have a photo opportunity with both Hyung Sik and Bo Young onstage during the said event. Fifty winners would also get a chance to win autographed posters of the K-drama.

Don’t miss Strong Woman Do Bong Soon‘s finale tonight on JTBC.

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