Kathryn Dennis Will Be On 'Southern Charm' More As The Season Progresses, Fans Want Her Back

Fans watching Southern Charm Season 4 have been disappointed that there hasn't been much Kathryn Dennis, but she wants fans to know that they should stay tuned, as there will be more of her to see in coming episodes. Fans have been speaking out on social media to Kathryn, as she has been live tweeting each new episode of Southern Charm on Monday nights, talking about the play by play in each episode and also recapping the prior episodes of Southern Charm.

"I have to say, I wasn't sure what to expect with the live tweeting," says Kathryn.

"But I was shocked, amazed, and touched that so many people reached out. I have had a rough year, and the sweet messages give me the strength to keep moving forward."
In the first episode of Southern Charm Season 4, fans went crazy as Kathryn was talked about but only appeared in the last two minutes of the Bravo premiere.
" is so boring when isn't on. WE NEED MORE KATHRYN ALWAYS. At least Monday's episode did."
Kathryn has been speaking frankly about her time at a Malibu treatment center where her mom sent her after the perfect storm that was last season's Southern Charm, says E! News. And Kathryn admits that while she learned a lot from going to rehab, she learned even more about priorities and maturity from her time away from her children, Kensie and Saint.
"I will never again do anything that takes me away from them."


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And fans don't need to just take Kathryn's word for it, her co-stars have noticed the change too. Shep is speaking out to say that he noticed a change in Kathryn early on.

"She has been very contrite this season...hat in hand, and asks to re-enter the group...very humble. I'm proud of her. I've always had a soft spot for her."
Kathryn says that she has remained close to Southern Charm co-stars Craig Conover, and his girlfriend, Naomie Olindo, who Kathryn says she talks to frequently. Craig says that he is proud of the progress Kathryn has made.
"To admit your problem and let other people find out about it, I think is probably one of the hardest steps of seeking recovery. I can't speak for her, but she did a lot of great stuff this year. What she was facing, it would've been a lot easier to run away."
Fans of Southern Charm had little hope that Kathryn Dennis and co-star Cameran Eubanks would ever see eye to eye, or have a kind word to say to each other, but Cameran is promising fans that things can change, and so can people.
"I think people will be pleasantly surprised this season how things end up between Kathryn and I. People can change."
But Shep is saying that fans shouldn't expect the same kind of acceptance from certain other people (paging Landon and Thomas).
"I'm really happy to be nice to her and to try to help her in any way I can, and I think I do that this season, which I've always tried to do. Not everyone has been as receptive to forgiveness and things of that nature."
But fans are still speaking out to make sure that Bravo and Kathryn Dennis know that they don't consider Southern Charm to be must-see TV without her. Twitter lights up each Monday night, mostly in support of Kathryn.
"My heart is breaking for I feel like her mistakes pale in comparison to Thomas', &yet she's being persecuted."

"The more I watch, Southern Charm. The more, I find them to be, elitist, snobs. Except for Kathryn&Craig.Go away, Landon."

Are you hoping for more Kathryn Dennis on the rest of Southern Charm Season 4?

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