Kailyn Lowry Sex Tape Scandal: Javi Marroquin Reacts

Kailyn Lowry can’t seem to catch a break. People keep pressing for the truth about her new baby’s father, and now, she has been tied to a sex tape scandal. And what does her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, have to say about this?

Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry have not had a good relationship since they decided to split. However, the staff sergeant recently revealed in an interview that he and his ex-wife are now in a good place and are doing well with co-parenting their child, Lincoln.

The Teen Mom 2 stars got involved in a Twitter feud when news of Kailyn’s third pregnancy broke out. Now that a blind item about a sex tape, which suggested that Kailyn Lowry was involved in a threesome with a woman got out, Javi Marroquin came to her defense.

When Radar Online asked Javi about his reaction to the explosive sex tape scandal that the mother of his child was caught in, he only has this to say.

“I don’t believe it. I don’t even need to ask Kail about that.”

Kailyn, on the other hand, has already denied the sex tape accusations found in a blind item posted on Crazy Days and Nights. According to the blind item, as relayed by Radar Online, a Teen Mom star was involved in a threesome with a woman, who kept a copy of the sex tape on her mobile phone.

“The Teen Mom who can barely move her face at this point made a little homemade threesome video. The woman in it has it on her cell phone. So far she has not tried to sell it because she thinks the Teen Mom still prefers her over the Mom’s most recent boyfriend.”

The website, at first, did not reveal who the subject in the sex tape was, but in a follow-up post, which has since been deleted, Crazy Days and Nights dropped Lowry’s name. The pregnant Teen Mom 2 star then took to Twitter to address the scandalous rumor about her sex tape.

“Is this for real? Who comes up with this s–t. Ya’ll aren’t seeing any sex tapes of me. Idk where people come up with these rumors.”

With Javi Marroquin coming to Kailyn Lowry’s defense amid this sex tape drama, it only shows that the ex-couple is now in good terms. In his recent interview with Posh Kids magazine, Marroquin shared how the stress of filming Teen Mom 2 episodes may have taken a toll on his marriage to Lowry.

“I believe that it adds stress. Yes. I mean you know you’re filming these long seasons. I mean it’s human instinct to be stressed naturally, but at the same time, MTV doesn’t hold a gun to your head.”

Javi added that he could not put the blame on MTV for his breakup with Kailyn. It’s just that they made bad decisions that ultimately led to the end of their relationship.


As for Kailyn Lowry, the identity of her baby’s father has yet to be revealed. The 25-year-old reality TV personality confirmed her third pregnancy in February via a blog post. Since then, rumors of the unborn child’s paternity have been surfacing online, but they are not as rampant as the speculation about Chris Lopez. There had been hints posted by Lowry on Twitter that suggest her friend, Lopez, is the father of the baby she’s carrying. Time and again, Kailyn has denied this rumor.

The unnamed father also reportedly plans to be involved in the baby’s life as much as possible. It was said that Kailyn and her baby’s father will be focused on co-parenting once the baby arrives. Whoever the father is remains to be a big mystery, but many speculate that this baby drama will be all over the future episodes of Teen Mom 2.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]