April The Giraffe Live Cam: Active Labor Finally Starting? Countdown To April Giving Birth Is Here

April the giraffe is keeping her fans on the edge of their seats as they watch her on the live cam streamed from Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. Although followers have heard this hype for weeks and weeks, April is showing every signal possible that she’s about to give birth.

The pregnant giraffe has been pacing steadily with her neck raised, often twisting it, and looking straight up as if she’s “star gazing.” She’s been walking in circles and ambling in figure eight patterns for hours on end. Moreover, she’s hardly touching her food. There’s no question that April’s odd behavior is drastically different than times before when everyone started speculating she was in active labor.

Staff at Animal Adventure Park are more protective over April during this time when it comes to Oliver, who’s usually allowed in the stall with her while his area is being cleaned or prepped for bedtime. Oliver was momentarily shifted to April’s stall, but he was adamant about necking and blocking the pregnant giraffe once more. He showed dominating behavior towards April on Thursday night that worried a lot of viewers after he hit her side several times with his neck and prevented her from moving freely around her stall. Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch reassured followers that Oliver didn’t harm April in the process. He added that more force is placed on the unborn calf whenever April lays down.

When Oliver started the aggressive behavior again, Alyssa was quick in attempting to get Oliver back in his stall, but Jordan showed up with carrots and coaxed him back to where he belonged; keepers then put him out in the yard so they could clean his stall. Jordan spent several minutes with April, closely observing her physical changes before staff went in and completely stripped her stall and placed new bedding in it. They’re getting ready for a calf to arrive soon and it looks like the wait is about to end. Will April finally give birth tonight?

Animal Adventure Park posted a brief message at 5:30 p.m., ET on their Facebook page about April’s progress and it’s evident a new addition to the park could be just hours away.

“Many of you have probably noticed a lot of interesting behavior.

“Now is NOT a bad time to subscribe to the Labor Text Alert!”

April the giraffe has won the hearts of millions with hundreds of thousands at any given time watching the live cam. On Friday, several people were messaging on Animal Adventure Park’s Facebook page about the thrill of watching April and knowing a baby giraffe might be just hours away. Many have plans for the evening, but know it means taking a break from watching April’s every move. One woman dreaded leaving the giraffe live cam because she had to cook dinner, another said a wedding anniversary was being celebrated, and several wrote that they’ll have to be up another night watching April. Viewers in England, Spain, and Italy were expressing their excitement about the possibility of April giving birth Friday night or early Saturday morning.

On Friday morning’s update, it was revealed once more that April can’t show any more signs than she already has towards going into active labor. She has discharge and the calf is in position to finally make his or her way into the world. It’s just a matter of when those hooves will start showing.

It looks like the countdown to April finally giving birth is here.

Are you ready to watch April the giraffe give birth on Animal Adventure Park’s live cam?

[Featured Image by Jeff Chiu/AP Images]