Obese Indian Baby Girl Reportedly Weighs As Much As ‘Normal’ 4-Year-Old

An obese baby girl from India has doctors stumped over the source of her constant need to be fed.

Eight-month-old Chahat Kumar from Punjab now reportedly weighs nearly 38 lbs., or the size of an average 4-year-old, the Daily Mail alleges, after first being born without any known illnesses or conditions that could possibly be the catalyst of her near-perilous weight gain.


All the more worrisome, according to an additional report from Fox News, is that Chahat’s current hefty size has disallowed medical workers from properly investigating the health-based culprit, due to them being unable to find a proper spot to prick the little one in order to obtain a blood sample.

“Doctors have been unable to obtain blood from Chahat because her skin is abnormally thick,” the publication notes.

Additionally, the obese baby girl’s sleeping patterns and breathing are now said to be affected by her ever-growing frame, part of which is purportedly brought on by her own parents, who see the cherubic Chahat as being “a gift from God.”

“It’s not our fault [she’s obese],” the child’s father, Suraj, told The Sun about his baby girl.

“God gave this condition to her. It’s not in our hands. I feel bad when some people laugh at her for being fat.”

Nonetheless, Suraj and his wife, Reena, still feed their young child quadruple-sized portions of food multiple times a day, an amount perhaps more appropriate for a starving 10-year-old, to avoid sending the always-hungry baby into hysterics over not having enough food, despite that ultimately occurring regardless.

“She doesn’t eat like a normal kid,” the obese baby’s mother concurred about the girl.

“She keeps eating all the time. If we don’t give her anything to eat, she starts crying.”

Attempts at exercise are also, for lack of better phrasing, pretty fruitless, so says Ms. Kumar.


“She cries to go [outside], but her weight is too much and we are not able to pick her up,” she explained, “so we [can] only take her to nearby places.”

The Kumar’s family doctor, Vasudev Sharma, confirmed that the obese girl’s parents bring her in to see him as often as they can, but financial restrictions limit them from obtaining the best possible care for their daughter.

“Her weight is increasing excessively,” he stated, while adding that the increase began around the four-month mark, “and it has to be controlled. She has to eat less. This is the first case I’ve seen in my life where a child’s weight has been shooting up so much, four to five months after [their] birth.”

obese baby girl
Growth charts compiled by the CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) note that the normal amount of a four-month-old baby is around 13.5 lbs. (boys in that age range are usually about 1.5 lbs. than that). [Image by jonas unruh/iStock]

Dr. Sharma later went on to reveal himself as the pediatrician who had trouble drawing blood from the obese baby girl’s body, and suggested that the couple take Chahat to a pediatric specialist at Civil Hospital in nearby Jalanhar, to no use.

“The blood test couldn’t be carried out because the fat on the baby’s body was too much,” he admitted, “and because of that, the blood test wasn’t done properly.”

“We have tried many times [to try again],” the doctor continued, “[but] her skin is so hard, we can’t [even] diagnose her condition [through blood work].”

The baby girl’s mother reiterated the doctor’s claims about the family’s financial issues, but assured the media that her daughter’s well-being was the important thing to her and her husband, especially after losing another child sometime before Chahat was born.

“Before Chahat, we had a son who died, and then [she] was born,” she sympathetically shared, “[so] I am concerned about her health [as] we don’t want her to have difficulties in the future.”

“[All] we want is a good future for [Chahat],” she went on to say about her obese baby girl.

[Featured Image by Ryan J. Lane/iStock]