Beyonce’s Father Filing Lawsuits Against People Slandering Her Name This Week

Beyonce’s dad, Mathew Knowles, says he plans to file lawsuits in the next week against people who have slandered his daughter’s name. The superstar’s dad sets the record straight on his relationship with Beyonce, Solange, and his grandchildren once and for all.

Over the years, Beyonce’s father has been the victim of many rumors and allegations portraying him as a money-hungry, fame-seeking father, with false reports claiming that he had tried to sell Beyonce’s memorabilia in an auction on Super Bowl weekend a few years ago and that he had not seen or spoken to his daughters or grandchildren.

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Mathew Knowles called in for an interview on The Domenick Nati Show this week to clear things up and let people know that he would be taking legal action against anyone who lied about him or his famous daughters.

Attornies that had previously worked for Beyonce’s dad are claiming that he hasn’t paid up to $50,000 in legal fees. However, when he was asked about the situation, Knowles said that he “can’t talk about that because there are pending litigations.”

100 percent lies

In 2014, Mathew Knowles was accused of attempting to sell his daughter’s memorabilia at a garage sale in Houston because he was so strapped for cash, according to New York Daily News.

“That is 100% a lie and there will be a price to pay for the people that started that lie.”

The “Formation” singer’s father claimed tabloids and news sites were desperate to use Beyonce’s name so they can keep their viewership and that he would not “let them use my daughter’s name like that anymore.”

“If you tell a lie, I’m going to sue you.”

beyonce's dad mathew knowles sets the record straight on rumors
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Lawsuits are coming

Knowles even went as far as to say that within the next week, lawsuits would be filed against people and companies who have slandered his daughter’s name.

“Its enough of that and you will, in the next seven days, you will see and know what I’m talking about. We’re going to start filing lawsuits on people that lie.”

Although Beyonce’s father would not give any specifics as to who he was planning on filing lawsuits against, it will surely become public knowledge if legal papers are filed.

He said that he didn’t dislike the media per say, but he does dislike “individuals and companies who use lies to build their audience.”

Great family relationships

Knowles also mentioned the fact that years ago he had done an interview with someone in his office in Houston. There were photos of his family, including his new granddaughter Blue Ivy, on his desk and around the room. Mathew claims the reporter then went and wrote a story about how he had never even met his granddaughter.

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Rest assure, Knowles confirmed that he sees and speaks to his daughters Beyonce and Solange regularly, as well as his grandchildren and the rest of their families, ET Online reported.

Beyonce’s dad wouldn’t give any hints as to when she was due to give birth to her twins or what the babies’ genders were.

“I’ll talk business questions with you all day, but what I don’t do is talk personal questions, but I’m not mad at you for trying and asking.”

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Solange in Beyonce’s shadow

As far as the music industry goes, Mathew Knowles said that there were a lot of independent artists who are so underrated today. He then brought up his daughter Solange, who had a No. 1 record this year.

Knowles said he was happy and proud to see that Solange had her first No. 1 record. With that, the Knowles sisters broke records for being the first two sisters to ever have number one records in music history.

beyonce's dad mathew knowles sets the record straight on rumors
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He said that Solange handled living in the shadow of Beyonce’s fame gracefully and he had seen her grow into her creativity, becoming an incredible live performer.

Beyonce and Solange are extremely close and Mathew said that Solange handled the relationship so well.

A family man

My beautiful Father, Sis, and Mother. I love you guys so deep. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Mathew once managed both Beyonce and Solange during the beginning stages of their music careers. Now, he says he talks often with his kids but tends to “stay in the lane of father.”

Over the years he did manage them, he said that Beyonce and Solange learned and listened and grew into well-versed music moguls themselves.


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When do you think Beyonce will give birth to her twin babies? Do you think she will have boys, girls, or one of each? Let us know in the comments section below!

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