‘DWTS’ News: Sharna Burgess Finds Love With Pierson Fode

There have been rumors flying that Sharna Burgess was dating her Dancing with the Stars partner Bonner Bolton, but it turns out that is not the case at all. Now, E! News is sharing that Sharna has a new man in her life, but he happens to be a soap star from The Bold and the Beautiful. A source shared that she is not with Bonner and that they, “just play it up for the show.”

An insider is speaking out about things with Sharna and Pierson, and it sounds like things are really heating up with them. Here is what the insider shared.

“Sharna and Pierson are together. She just took him to that James Hinchcliffe race they both posted about on Instagram and were acting affectionate like a couple there. She was at Pierson’s birthday party last week. He even visited her while she was on the road during the DWTS tour months ago.”

It makes total sense that Sharna would go to watch James Hinchcliffe considering that he was her partner on Dancing With the Stars. The thing is Pierson also happened to be there. Now that everyone knows they are dating, it makes sense that they would both be at this event. They did share photos, but not of them together at the big race.


A while back, Bonner talked about how he has to practice his acting skills for Dancing With the Stars. Sharna then went on to share her thoughts saying, “Which we practiced a lot this week. We talked a lot about breaking down characters and bringing across a tormented romance that was a little bit one-sided. It’s all about acting at the same time as dancing. If people feel like maybe we were having a romantic relationship, then we did our job in our dance, right?”

This could be part of why they look like they are so into each other, but Sharna obviously has another man on her mind while on the dance floor.


The Inquisitr recently shared that Sharna Burgess spoke out about dating Bonner Bolton and at the time said that she wasn’t seeing him. They shared that they were not a couple and were just friends, getting close while doing the show. Bonner and Sharna were seen out at Cowboy Palace Saloon in Los Angeles, and several sources said they looked flirty. The cameras for Dancing With the Stars were there, and fans were also watching them. It sounds like they were really playing it up for the camera. So far, Sharna isn’t speaking out about dating Pierson even though the fans would love to hear the details straight from her.

Pierson Fode is known for his role on The Bold and the Beautiful. He plays the role of Thomas Forrester. Pierson has taken some time off from the show, but he is back there again, and his story line is really strong right now. The fact that his show is on a different channel than Dancing With the Stars would make it kind of odd if he shows up in the audience of the show. This would be the chance for everyone to get a bit of proof that he is with Sharna and that is his reason to be there watching the show.

Are you surprised to hear that Sharna Burgess isn’t dating Bonner Bolton? What do you think of her with Pierson Fode? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss watching Sharna on Dancing With the Stars on Monday nights on ABC. It will be interesting to see if Pierson Fode ever shows up in the audience.

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