Brad Pitt’s Dating Rumors Denied By ‘The Lost City Of Z’ Star Sienna Miller As The Film Hits Theaters

Brad Pitt’s movie production company, Plan B Entertainment, brought forth the enchanting film The Lost City Of Z, which lands in theaters starting today. However, actress Sienna Miller is less than enchanted with rumors that she is dating Pitt.

Sienna Miller dismissed the rumor as “silly” in light of her true relationship with Pitt, according to Digital Spy

Brad Pitt was alleged to be flirting with Sienna Miller in a restaurant in Los Angeles near the ArcLight theater. It was a private dinner to celebrate the release of The Lost City of Z. There were 25 people on the guest list, according to an article by Page Six.

Sienna Miller, however, elected to deny her alleged courtship with Lost City of Z producer Brad Pitt. Sienna Miller contends it never happened, and she doesn’t really even know Pitt.

Sienna Miller explained her relationship with Brad Pitt, including her working relationship with Brad on The Lost City of Z. Sienna Miller is quoted by Digital Spy below.

“So this is the truth about that: Brad Pitt is producing the movie that I just wrapped but I didn’t see him, he’s not been to the set. You know he’s the producer of the film and I’ve met him twice – it’s insane.”

Brad Pitt doesn’t have any relationship at all with Sienna Miller, according to the young starlet featured in The Lost City of Z. One could also glean that Pitt has not been very hands-on in the shooting of The Lost City of Z.

Sienna Miller is not alone in being linked to Brad Pitt. Page Six lists five ex-girlfriends who are allegedly in contact with Brad, including Kate Hudson, Juliette Lewis, Christina Applegate, Thandie Newton, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Brad Pitt was in contact with Jennifer Aniston, but that is totally platonic now since Jennifer Aniston is a married woman. Jennifer was reportedly just trying to be supportive.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston when they were together

Brad Pitt’s life has become quite the rumor magnet since his messy divorce from Angelina Jolie. Sienna Miller is just one of many ladies recently linked to Brad Pitt since the Pitt and Jolie divorce. Everyone wants more information, but Brad stayed indoors and conducted business by phone as much as possible.

Sienna Miller has made it clear that she has no relationship at all with Brad Pitt apart from her role in The Lost City of Z. In other words, Brad Pitt’s Company cuts Sienna Miller’s paychecks for her work on The Lost City of Z. Sienna met Brad twice, and it’s no love story, according to Miller.

Kate Hudson, Juliette Lewis, Christina Applegate, Thandie Newton, and Gwyneth Paltrow have not commented on the Pitt-related rumors. However, Gwyneth Paltrow is not just Brad Pitt’s ex; she is reportedly Angelina Jolie’s friend, who at one time tried to mediate their split, according to the Daily Mail.

At one point, Brad Pitt reportedly decided to hole up in the home of a sculptor while trying to regain his emotional footing, or at least get a break from the media attention.

Brad Pitt has been working and seeing his kids, but there is no credible evidence he is dating Sienna Miller or anyone else for that matter. Rumors contend that he is dating secretly, but if that is the case, Brad Pitt apparently knows how to cover his tracks extremely well.

While Sienna Miller is not in any sort of relationship with Brad Pitt and says she has only met him twice, her work on Brad’s movie, The Lost City of Z, is exemplary, as is the film.

The Lost City of Z takes place from 1905 through the 1920s, and the story chronicles several expeditions through the Amazon jungle on a quest to find a lost city. It is a true story, full of amazing cinematography as well as action, drama, and mystique of an exotic place in a different time.

Brad Pitt in World War Z era.

Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller’s only connection is The Lost City of Z, a Plan B production, directed by James Gray. According to the New Yorker, the movie is based on the ever-questing lives of Major Percy Fawcett, portrayed by Charlie Hunnam, and his second in command, Henry Costin, played by Robert Pattinson. The New Yorker describes the feel of The Lost City of Z.

“In Gray’s films—as in the drama of The Lost City of Z itself—the true creation is neither the effort nor the result: it’s the purity of the emotion and the clarity of the idea.”

Sienna Miller portrays Nina Fawcett, wife of Major Percy Fawcett, who remained at home during Percy’s long jungle quests. Nina was left to deal with the day to day grind of maintaining the home and caring for the children.

Sienna Miller told Vogue that she admired the woman she portrayed in Brad Pitt’s film The Lost City of Z.

“I loved her as a character and a woman—I really did. She was matriarchal, definitely a mother and a wife, but dignified and brave in that role.”

Brad Pitt originally planned to portray Percy Fawcett in The Lost City of Z, but he elected to pass the role to Charlie Hunnam. Perhaps in light of recent personal events, Brad Pitt did not feel up to the time commitment involved in starring in the film, but for whatever reason Charlie Hunnam received the part, he filled it quite well, according to the New Yorker.


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Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller worked individually to make The Lost City of Z a great movie, but the two didn’t work closely, nor are they romantically linked.

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