‘Teen Mom OG’s Farrah Abraham Shocks Fans By Announcing She Wants To Adopt

Farrah Abraham is one of the most controversial figures on Teen Mom OG, if not the entire franchise. The young mother has set herself up for life with a variety of businesses, one of them being a sex tape and molds of her lady parts. And while she faces almost constant criticism for the lavish parties she throws for daughter Sophia, as well as allowing her to wear a full face of make-up in primary school, she has revealed that she’s ready for child number two. And this time, Farrah Abraham plans to adopt.

The controversial star has been telling friends and family that now might be the time for her to seriously consider adopting a baby girl, as she has reportedly been thinking about doing so for several years.


A story first broke in 2015 that Farrah Abraham planned to adopt a second child and she has openly stated since then that she is still planning to do so.

She spoke about her plans in March of 2016 to People.

“We’re open to adopting someone who’s not just – a child that can not just only be a newborn. But also a child that is maybe 3 or older. There’s a lot of, you know, orphans that are so adorable. So, I mean, it just breaks my heart when I see things like that because I grew up around adoptive families and I’ve always wanted to help. So it’s just a time and a place and hopefully soon I will be ready,” she dished.

Farrah Abraham’s delayed adoption plans may have had something to do with her on-again off-again relationship with beau Simon Saran. The pair have previously made plans to wed, with Farrah even buying herself an engagement ring for Simon to give to her. However, he still hasn’t gotten down on one knee to make things official.

Many feel that Farrah Abraham would not make a good mother due for an orphaned child to the intense heat she has already gets over her parenting to Sophia. In addition to being criticized for allowing the child to wear make-up to school, even when the school has asked her not to, she also came under fire for waxing her daughter’s eyebrows. She stated she did this to protect her daughter from “haters” who made fun of the child’s unibrow, but many fans and viewers were not convinced of her intentions.


Farrah Abraham also has a very explosive personality, and one that often comes into contention with her parents who appear on the show regularly. Although she attends therapy regularly, her therapist did once manage to call her out on her tone, saying she didn’t always speak nicely to those around her. In that instance, she was referring to the way Farrah Abraham spoke to her boyfriend, Simon, yelling at him during a family vacation.

Although the conversations and fights between Farrah Abraham and her parents are often intense, thus far it has not filtered down to Sophia that we know of. Farrah Abraham appears to be mostly calm with her daughter and does not lose her cool with her often, but one has to wonder if this is because she sees Sophia merely as an extension of herself.

Despite Farrah Abraham’s antics and bad behavior, she recently told OK Magazine that she would be adopting in the near future because, “[adoption is] something that is so important and dear to me.”

Time will only tell if and when Farrah Abraham will seal the deal by adopting a new baby, and whether or not she will go it alone or with Simon Saran by her side.

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