YouTube Giraffe Cam: Animal Adventure Park Updates That Next ‘Drastic’ Change In April Will Be ‘Active Labor’

Over the past couple of months, viewers of the YouTube giraffe cam have watched April the giraffe change and grow. They have seen miraculous developments in her pregnancy, which have included the growth of her stomach, the development of her mammary glands, and the production of milk. Viewers of the giraffe cam have been lucky enough to witness calf movements within April’s womb. Some have even dubbed April the giraffe as “the mother of all wombs.”

The owner of the Animal Adventure Park, Jordan Patch, is not a stranger to education. Patch has used this opportunity to educate those who watch the Youtube giraffe cam with both giraffe facts on their Facebook page and question and answer sessions. One such session took place yesterday afternoon live from the giraffe deck with Oliver, which has already gained over 940,000 views on Facebook.

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One fan of April the giraffe asked about cleaning stalls. She was wondering where Oliver will go once the calf arrives. Patch answered that question with two possibilities. Now that the weather has warmed up, Oliver will be let outside to enjoy the yard while cleaning his stall, and April and her calf will be shifted over into Oliver’s stall. There is another area of the barn, that cannot be seen from the YouTube giraffe cam, that may be used for stall cleaning if the Animal Adventure Park ever has a winter birth.

In preparation for the new season, construction is ongoing at the Animal Adventure Park. There are new animal pens going up daily, as well as rain and shade shelters for the guests to enjoy. There will also be new animal additions. The Park already has dromedary camels, which are one-humped camels, native to the Horn of Africa and the Middle East. This season, those who visit the Animal Adventure Park will be able to see the park’s brand new pair of Bactrian Camels, native to Central Asia, which sports two humps instead of one. The Bactrian camels will eventually transition into the Asian expansion, coming to the Animal Adventure Park within the next season or two.

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One question that was asked during the question and answer session was in regards to April’s pregnancy. The viewer wanted to know how staff members at the Animal Adventure Park knew that April the giraffe was pregnant. The answer was surprisingly simple. Patch indicated that they knew April the giraffe was pregnant when her mate, Oliver, was no longer interested in engaging with her.

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In addition to the YouTube giraffe cam, and the live question and answer sessions, the Animal Adventure Park has made sure to update April the giraffe fans with news regarding her pregnancy progression. This past week, followers of April on the giraffe cam have been on the edge of their seats, hoping that she will finally go into active labor. This morning, the Animal Adventure Park didn’t have much to report, which is a positive sign of impending birth.

“April is already out and enjoying the sunshine for the day. Grain intake remains moderate. Light discharge continues. Otherwise, all is normal and well – as expected. The only real drastic changes we will see from here is active labor – not much more change/development can occur.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Animal Adventure Park’s update was a little more descriptive yesterday morning. Viewers everywhere were logging into the live YouTube giraffe cam to get a good look at April the giraffe.

“She is ‘out of it’ were keepers comments this morning; noting distracted behavior versus her normal inquisitive, treat begging, self. Significant bulging of the belly also noted. Backend slightly damp but nothing to get excited about yet. We are still observing light discharge on a daily basis.”

Mother nature is taking her time with April, and all that can be done is watch and wait. You can keep an eye on April the giraffe in the live YouTube giraffe cam below.

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