Aprilholics Battle For Baby Names, Animal Adventure Park Share New Insights: Easter Calf On Its Way?

Easter bunny or Easter giraffe calf? That’s the question many have been pondering for days.

April, the pregnant giraffe at Animal Adventure Park, has a huge fan following — both online and offline. Considering the amount of time they spend on the live cam each day, it’d only be fair to call them “Aprilholics.”

For weeks, these Aprilholics have been watching, waiting, and often wondering when April would deliver a calf.

As luck would have it, Animal Adventure Park made a promising remark on Friday.

“April is already out and enjoying the sunshine for the day. Grain intake remains moderate. Light discharge continues. Otherwise, all is normal and well — as expected. The only real drastic changes we will see from here is active labor. No much more change or development can occur,” announced the park authorities.

It’s been a long, hard wait, but that hasn’t stopped April’s fans from making creative use of their time.


On Facebook groups, the battle of the baby names has already begun. As of now, Patches seems to be the popular choice for the baby giraffe, as it pays tribute to Jordan Patch, the owner of Animal Adventure Park.

Ouida Jones Campbell from North Carolina is hoping that the calf will be here by Easter.

“If it’s a boy I vote for Patches in honor of Jordan and if it’s a girl I’d like Hope because she is giving us all hope that giraffes will survive for many more generations.”

Jessica Battaglia from Ohio says, “I am hoping for an Easter baby. I think it will be a boy, but have names picked for both. If it’s a boy, it will be called Patches. If it’s a girl, she will be Ava.”

Carrie Hillman Douthit from Maryland believes April will have a girl.

“I think May would be a great name for her because ‘April showers bring May flowers,'” she said.

Annie Manthey from Minnesota says it would make for an incredible end to April’s story if she had her calf on Easter Sunday.

“I am hoping for a girl. I would pick the name Patches after the park owners family. After the calf is born, I will continue to follow Animal Adventure Park so I can stay informed on April, Oliver, and the baby.”

Claudia Parrington says, “I think she is having a boy because of how low she is carrying and my name suggestion would be Ranger, which mean forest guardian. Once the baby comes, I am going to visit AAP and still follow April, Oliver and Ranger.”

Kim Branski Bucka from Virginia echoes the sentiments of many who have been hooked on to the live cam for months.

“I have no idea when he/she will arrive, but I am gonna call them About Damn Time.”

Debi Cusato-Robinson believes April many not have her calf on Easter.

“I don’t think April will have her baby just yet. I believe we have a few more weeks to go. There were many times I felt, ‘This is it!’ only to be teased by Miss April once again,” she said.

Carla Pelham and Ashlie Buchanan, who head the most active Facebook groups dedicated to April, have promised that their groups are here to stay even after the calf is born.

“After the calf is born, the group continues to be. We owe that to all our members who have invested their time on the group. We are already looking into other live births we can follow,” said Pelham, who heads April Giraffe Friends.

Buchanan, who runs the Facebook group “April The Giraffe,” says managing the group has been a life-changing experience.

“After April gives birth, I would like to keep the group and continue to get to know the members. We are hoping to plan a visit to the park as a group so I am really looking forward to that as well,” she said.

Meanwhile, the hunt for the calf names continues on social media. Popular baby names include Unity, Maverick, May Flower, Rafiki, Unity, Olivia, Agapi, Jack, Apollo, Jordan, Peaches, Shelby, Lily, Chester, haweeyo, Annie, Savannah. Grace, Gigi, Kanye, Thumper, Pokie, Cooper, Suzie Surprise, Zanga, Noah, Sunshine, Liberty, Jessie, Blossom, Max, Marcus, Patience, Attwell, Alphie, Alfalfa, and Arnie.