Lisa Robin Kelly Arrested Again

Lisa Robin Kelly has been arrested again. The former star of That ’70s Show was arrested today for domestic abuse.

TMZ reports that Lisa Robin Kelly was arrested after she allegedly assaulted a 61-year-old man in her North Carolina home. The man, who the gossip site believes is Kelly’s husband, was also arrested.

Kelly, who played Laurie Forman on the hit Fox show, hasn’t done much acting since her days on That ’70s Show. But the actress has kept herself in the news. Unfortunately it’s been for a string of arrests and a shockingly bad mugshot. According to the Daily Mail, Kelly was arrested in 2010 for drunk driving. She was also arrested earlier this year for spousal abuse.

The mugshot taken after her arrest earlier this year quickly went viral as her fans were shocked by the change in her appearance.

Many people suspected that Kelly was on drugs during the time of her arrest but the actress said that it wasn’t true. Kelly admitted to having problems with addiction in the past but said that she had gotten clean.

Kelly said at the time: “I had lost a baby, as a result of that, I lost everything. And I was abusing alcohol, which I no longer do. With the 70s show, I was guilty – of the drinking problem – and I ran. And I am not running from this. And I have paid my dues.”

A mugshot from Lisa Robin Kelly’s most recent arrest isn’t available yet but you can check out her other mugshot here. Or, if you’d rather remember Kelly as Eric’s hot blonde sister, here’s a clip from That ’70s Show.