WWE Rumors: Alberto Del Rio Disses Triple H Again, Accuses WWE Of Bullying In New Video Rant

Just as he had promised, Alberto Del Rio went back to his beef with Triple H, slinging insults at the WWE executive and occasional wrestler as he cut another series of video rants on social media this week. Del Rio, who works as Alberto El Patron in Impact Wrestling, also commented on the ongoing WWE bullying controversy, also claiming that his current employer treats its workers much better and fairer than WWE ever did.

According to a report from WrestlingNews.co, Alberto Del Rio ranted at Triple H and the WWE in a series of Periscope videos, where he and his fiancée, Paige, were ostensibly promoting their San Antonio restaurant, La Cantinita. But before he vented at Triple H, he talked about the current WWE bullying controversies, where announcer John Bradshaw Layfield (aka JBL) has been accused of making controversial comments that led to colleague Mauro Ranallo’s departure, as well as hazing and bullying several other WWE talents for more than a decade.

“You have to preach with example, Stamford,” said Del Rio, referring to WWE by the location of its headquarters in Connecticut. “If you are going to be running an anti-bullying campaign you have to stop bullying people. If you are gonna be running a no hate campaign then you need to stop judging people by the color of their skin.”


Alberto Del Rio, who admitted to having a “thousand drinks,” might have also accused WWE of racism in another part of this Periscope video, though he chose not to name any companies.

“They don’t judge you depending on the color of your skin like in other places. I’m not mentioning any names. Impact Wrestling – they don’t care if you are brown, white, black. They treat you the same.”

Several hours later, Alberto Del Rio directed his ire at Triple H in another video, as he took a break from a karaoke session with friends. This second Periscope rant was also shared on Paige’s Twitter account (Warning: NSFW language) and specifically had Del Rio insinuating that Triple H owes his success in WWE to the fact that he married the owner’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, who also holds a high-ranking position in the company.

“I still believe that Triple H has a big nose and no b*lls. All you people trying to hate us, go f**k yourself. Some people was [sic] saying stupid stuff about us and about me. Triple H, you’re a f**king p***y. And I don’t have to be drunk to say this. You just married well! That’s all you did, you married well.”

WWE executive Paul Levesque, a.k.a. Triple H, was the subject of a profanity-filled rant from Alberto Del Rio (a.k.a. Alberto El Patron in Impact). [Image by WWE]

Although Paige had repeatedly tried to get Alberto to “behave” while on camera, she had nonetheless posted both Periscope videos on her Twitter account — Del Rio/El Patron’s take on the allegations of WWE having a bullying problem, as well as his comments made against Triple H.

The new videos of Alberto Del Rio insulting Triple H and the WWE were posted less than a week after a similar incident took place while he and Paige were on a date. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Del Rio also admitted to being “a little bit drunk” at the time, and as he let loose on those Periscope videos, he lashed out at internet wrestling fans saying bad things about the couple. While it’s not sure whether he was trying to troll viewers with the remark, he also claimed that he and Paige are getting married in June. He didn’t call Triple H out by name in the earlier videos, but nonetheless referred to him as “one of the bosses in WWE with a big nose” and promised to provide more details in subsequent videos.

The heat between Alberto Del Rio and Triple H (aka Paul Levesque in real life) dates back to 2014 when Del Rio was fired from WWE for punching an employee who supposedly made racist remarks against him. At that time, he alleged Triple H loved cracking racist jokes and therefore set a bad example to other company employees, wrote GiveMeSport, citing Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Del Rio would return to WWE in October of 2015 but left less than a year later after he and Paige both served 30-day suspensions for Wellness Policy violations.

In the aftermath of this new series of Alberto Del Rio rants, neither Triple H nor the WWE has provided comment on the matter as of this writing.

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