Josiah, Joseph Duggar Do Short Interview As Josiah Admits To Faking A Few Scenes

Josiah and Joseph Duggar don’t do very many interviews, but recently, these two brothers spoke about a few things to do with the show. They sat down with TLC to talk about their series Counting On, and one thing Josiah Duggar talked about has everyone surprised.

OK! Magazine shared how Josiah admitted that the Duggar family sometimes stages things on their show, Counting On. They used to have the hit show 19 Kids and Counting as well, so these two brothers are used to having the cameras in their house all the time. It has become a way of life for the Duggar kids.


In the video clip, Josiah and Joseph were talking about how their lives are different due to filming. They have been doing it so long that the younger kids don’t really remember another way.

While talking about it all, Josiah said, “The show has changed the way we live…We walk through a door, and [then] we have to walk through it again’ [because] we didn’t do it [right] the first time.”

He went on to talk about how there are kids everywhere, so it sounds like sometimes they actually get in the way while they are doing simple things like coming home and filming that part of their day.

After that, he went on to say, “Life is normal, life has gone on as normal, except we have a great home video we get to look back at.”

He tried to backtrack a bit, but everyone noticed what Josiah Duggar had to say.

Joseph Duggar was also interviewed, but he didn’t say anything about the Duggar family faking some scenes on their show. Instead, he talked about how the viewers don’t get to see things like when all of the alarm clocks are going off in the boy’s bedroom. They are actually used to ignoring noise because so much goes on at their house that the alarms don’t really have them jumping out of bed. Of course, there are a few things that the cameras don’t end up catching.


As the Inquisitr previously shared, Joseph Duggar is courting now, and things are going to be different for him on the new season of the show. The upcoming season of Counting On should share a lot about how things are going with Joseph and his girlfriend, Kendra Caldwell. Fans only had a chance to meet her briefly, and now on the upcoming season, they will get to see a lot more about her. She is 18-years-old and seems like a great match for Joseph.

When word got out that they were courting, she shared, “I’m looking forward to getting to spend more time with Joseph as we take this exciting step toward a new season in life. It’s a really wonderful moment!”

The upcoming season of Counting On should also focus on Joy-Anna Duggar’s engagement. Fans got to meet Austin briefly, but they will get to see more of him. Jessa Duggar Seewald just had her second baby, and Jill Dillard is pregnant again. Jinger Duggar Vuolo just got married to Jeremy and moved away from her family to live with him in Texas. It should be a great season, with a lot of new babies and courtships going on.

Are you surprised to hear that Josiah Duggar is admitting that they have faked a scene or two? Do you think that it is a big deal at all? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss Counting On when it comes back to TLC this summer. This is a season that you do not want to miss.

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