Will ‘Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood Call Off Her Wedding?

Amber Portwood and her fiance, Matt Baier, have been facing lots of criticism since they got together. However, with new cheating allegations made about Matt Baier, is it possible she will call off her wedding?

During the last series of Teen Mom OG, we saw Amber Portwood confess that she didn’t fully trust Matt because of some shady things he did in the past. Notably, before he got together with Amber, he contacted both Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans on Twitter, letting them know he was interested in them. Although Amber Portwood didn’t speak to Jenelle Evans, Farrah Abraham did make a phone call to her to let her know that Matt had indeed contacted her before she met Matt.

In the past couple of days, allegations of cheating have come forward by a woman who hides behind an anonymous Twitter account. She has posted what appears to be a screenshot of herself and Matt having a conversation about how Matt is in love with her, but he is engaged to someone else. The photos, however, do not have a name attached to them, so at this point, it could be anyone’s guess as to who exactly is having the conversation.


The couple has thus far not addressed the rumors, but there has been trouble in paradise many times over for the pair. Previously, they planned to get married on a certain date and moved the wedding back because Amber Portwood found herself having trust issues.

In the most recent trailer for Teen Mom OG, it doesn’t appear that things have really changed all that much for the couple. The trailer shows Amber looking incredibly unhappy as she tries on dresses for her upcoming wedding, and at one point, even asks to “get out of this thing, now.”

Later on in the preview, with tears in her eyes, Amber says that she feels she cannot fully trust Matt.

“You can love each other and wanna be with each other for the rest of your life and still not trust each other,” she says.

During the preview, three of the Teen MomOGs take a trip together where they air their frustrations about their families and the men in their lives, and it seems Amber Portwood is on board with feeling like things just aren’t going to plan.

Earlier this week, MTV aired the Being Matt special, all about Amber’s fiance, Matt Baier. During the special, the two were at each other’s throats over very seemingly little things and didn’t appear to have the chemistry and understanding necessary to sustain a lifetime relationship.

Still, the couple is pressing forward with their wedding, which is supposed to take place this October. The rest of the cast of Teen Mom OG is invited to the affair, but it will be interesting to see if the two actually make it down the aisle or postpone as they have done previously.

The anonymous Twitter source that claims she had an affair with Matt, also claims that he has slept with several other women while he has been in a relationship with Amber. They also claim that they are not doing this out of spite toward Amber and that they actually really love her. Instead, they say, they want to ensure that Amber is not hurt anymore by Matt’s lies and cheating ways.

Only time will tell if and when the couple will respond to these allegations and whether or not they prove to hold any water. If they do, will this new cheating scandal be the last straw for Amber, or will she move forward with her wedding?

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