WWE News: WWE Teases A Lot Of Dangerous And Weird Things For 'House Of Horrors' Match At 'Payback'

In just a few short weeks, WWE will bring forth their next big event with Payback, which will feature the dreaded "House of Horrors" match, but what exactly is it? That is a question that many fans have been asking since it was announced, and there has still been no answer as to what Bray Wyatt is trying to put Randy Orton through. Now, WWE is teasing what could happen in this terrifying experience, and most of it is quite dangerous.

At WrestleMania 33, Orton captured the WWE Championship from Wyatt in a match that saw roaches and other creepy crawlies all over the canvas of the ring. Wyatt was obviously trying to mess with Orton's mind, but it didn't seem to work in his favor.

Since the "House of Horrors" match was announced, there has been virtually no information as to what the match is or what may happen. Bray Wyatt became a member of Monday Night Raw in the Superstar Shake-Up, but the bout is still on, and fans are finally getting a bit of an idea as to what will take place at Payback.

wwe news tease house of horrors match payback bray wyatt randy orton
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Many have wondered if this would be a match filled with more projections on the canvas, or if there would be weapons. The official website of WWE has now released a poll asking fans what they think Bray Wyatt will bring to the "House of Horrors" match, and there are some very interesting options in the list.

Here are the options listed in the poll.

  • Spiders
  • Fire
  • Barbed wire
  • Thumb tacks
  • Rats
  • Sister Abigail
  • Chainsaw
As of early on Friday, Sister Abigail is leading the poll with a massive 63 percent, with barbed wire coming in second with 12 percent. While these options may not give away what the match is going to be, they do give at least a little bit of direction.

By the look of the options in the poll, it certainly appears as if this could be a hardcore match of some type. There is also the possibility that Wyatt could bring more weird projections to the match in an attempt to torment Orton and play with his mind, but only time will tell.

wwe news tease house of horrors match payback bray wyatt randy orton
[Image by WWE]

Sportskeeda wonders if the match will be something awful like the Hog Pen match or if it will be a variation of the Asylum match, which was essentially a cage with weapons. There are so many different things that this match could be, but no one will actually give solid information on it.

Bray Wyatt has said that this match is going to push Randy Orton to his "physical and mental limits," and that means there will be some weird things going on. Maybe it will end up taking place somewhere else, such as the remnants of the burned-down shack that used to be where The Wyatt Family congregated.

Wyatt already lost to Orton on the grand stage at WrestleMania 33, and he gave up the title in the process. That was a huge blow to his momentum, and another loss could hurt it even more. However, the WWE Championship can't move to Raw, which already has the Universal Title. Can it?

Randy Orton is the WWE Champion and is a member of SmackDown Live, which gives you a general idea of what the outcome of this "House of Horrors" match will be. Payback will likely bring about a new storyline arc for Bray Wyatt on Monday Night Raw, but it is hard to imagine him taking the title to Team Red. Still, this bout will bring about something terrifying, horrific, and possibly quite dangerous considering the options in the poll.

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