‘Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer Faces Criticism Again For Her Daughter’s Make-Up

Leah Messer has previously faced criticism for the amount of make-up she has allowed her young daughter, Alleah Grace (aka Gracie), to wear for her cheer competitions, and recently, the controversy stirred again when she posted a photo of her to her Instagram.

The 7-year-old daughter of Leah Messer has always been an incredibly active child and has always been known on Teen Mom 2 for bouncing around and loving to be physically active. Leah Messer previously put her daughter in cheerleading, something which her twin sister, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, also wanted to try out. However, it appears Gracie has since quit cheer in favor of playing basketball.

Leah Messer stated in her Instagram post that Gracie had grown tired of cheer and would be trying out a new sport, for which Leah says she has the physical attributes, including long arms and legs.

However, this announcement didn’t stop the haters from telling Leah Messer that they were disgusted by the amount of makeup slapped on her daughter, making her 7-year-old appear almost like a clown in her attire.

Fans weighed in on Leah Messer’s Instagram post.

“I think if she should wear make up it need to be lighter. Softer more of a natural look. Soft brown on her eyes and maybe glossy clear with glitter. People can say who cares but she looks like she is 18 instead of 7/8 however old she is,” one wrote.

Another stated that she thought Leah Messer’s 7-year-old daughter looked like a prostitute, which is quite harsh considering her age.

“I see your point about saying she ‘looks like a prostitute.’ I thought the same thing. NOT that she is or referring to her as one just that most people see someone with lots of make up on automatically think wow they look like a prostitute. That has always been the saying since I was young. Because they do wear tons of make up,” she stated.

Other users told Leah Messer that her child looked fine and to ignore the haters, as children often wear a lot of make-up for cheerleading and dance competitions. However, there is no denying that the amount of make-up Gracie is wearing seems to be almost a little bit too much, even for a child who is performing on stage.

Although the make-up isn’t up to its full potential, it is a little ironic considering that Leah Messer herself dabbles in beauty. During the past season of Teen Mom 2, she considered following in the footsteps of fellow cast member Chelsea Houska and going back to beauty school to finish her license. She told her daughters that she wanted to “help other women feel good about themselves.” However, if Leah Messer is putting this makeup on her daughter, it is clear that she needed beauty school even more than we think in order to actually make a difference in people’s lives.

Leah Messer is continuing her foray into makeup and has joined up with multi-level marketing company LipSense to sell long-lasting lip products to women around the country. Just a couple of days ago, she made a YouTube video discussing her new opportunity and asked women to join her team. She states that her goal with her latest business venture is to help women feel good about themselves and feel beautiful no matter what.

Leah Messer is one of the only teen moms not to have penned a book or opened her own business from scratch, so it appears joining LipSense is Leah’s way of attempting to create some kind of income security for herself beyond the show.

[Featured Image by Leah Messer’s Instagram]