‘One Piece’ 863 Manga: Luffy Distracts With Clone Army, Bege Approaches Mother Caramel Picture

The action is expected to heat up in the upcoming One Piece 863. The Straw Hat – Fire Tank alliance finally started their Big Mom assassination plan in the recently released One Piece Chapter 862, but it still remains to be seen if Luffy’s clone army provides enough distraction for Big Mom and her overpowered crew as Capone Bege tries to covertly seize their ultimate goal – Mother Caramel’s picture.

Pudding Hesitates

In the coming One Piece 863, the Straw Hats – Capone Bege alliance will have the momentum, thanks to Pudding’s hesitation, which was shown in the previous chapter. Pudding has a very crucial role to play in Big Mom’s plans of killing the Vinsmokes – by shooting her groom, Sanji, in the head and signaling the assassination squad to start the massacre.

Apparently, Pudding has some serious insecurity issues regarding her third eye. She wanted to surprise Sanji by showing him her third eye, anticipating a look of shock and disgust on his face before she puts a bullet in his head. But it did not happen the way she had planned.

Instead of being shocked at what he saw, Sanji told her that her third eye is so beautiful that he could not help but be drawn to it. This totally unexpected reaction from her groom perplexed and unsettled Pudding. She was so used to getting negative reactions from everyone around her, even Big Mom instructed her to grow bangs as she looked creepy with her third eye visible. Straw Hats and the Fire Tanks have Pudding’s hesitation to thank for their small advantage in the coming One Piece 863.

Sanji praising Pudding’s third eye in the previous chapter is probably a calculated move on his part. In fact, the chapter’s title “The Consummate Thinker” most likely refers to Sanji as he was able to seize the opportunity in throwing Pudding off guard, delaying Big Mom’s plans in killing his family.

In fact, Big Mom’s henchmen were unsure what to do as they were still waiting for Sanji to be shot. They may still try to kill the Vinsmokes in One Piece 863, but with all the chaos brought by the Straw Hat and Fire Tank pirates, the element of surprise is no longer there – the Vinsmokes are more likely to survive the attack.


Commander Dogtooth’s Ability Overwhelmed

Capone Bege expressed concern over Dogtooth’s ability to see the immediate future, fearing that it may interfere with their plan. Dogtooth finally demonstrated this ability in the previous chapter, but it looks like it will no longer be a problem in the upcoming One Piece 863.

Due to Pudding’s hesitation, Dogtooth was actually able to predict that Sanji will be able to dodge her attack. Taking matters into his own hands, Dogtooth fired a jellybean at Sanji, the same technique he used on that wedding guest who refused to undergo a body search. To his surprise, Sanji was able to dodge his attack too, and it hit the officiating priest, instantly killing him.

It now appears that Dogtooth’s ability to predict the future is only effective in one-on-one combat. But since events are about to get chaotic in the coming One Piece 863 manga chapter, Dogtooth might have little use of his predictive ability. This was demonstrated last chapter when he told Big Mom that something is about to happen but he has no way to stop it.


Luffy Clone Army

Of course, what Dogtooth meant was the appearance of Luffy. The surprising part was that it was not just a single Luffy that came bursting out of the wedding cake but an entire army of Luffy, though it was not yet revealed at this point how he managed to clone himself on such short notice.

As previously agreed by Capone Bege and Luffy, his entrance was just a mere distraction for those overpowered members of Big Mom’s entourage. With the Yonkou’s tough hide, even a Luffy army is not expected to do any damage to her. The ball is now on Capone Bege’s court; he has to move swiftly and tear the picture of Mother Caramel in two as it is the only way they could make the Yonkou vulnerable and immobilize her entourage with her otherworldly shriek. But will Luffy’s clone army be enough to distract everyone else in the coming One Piece 863?

Sanji Vinsmoke Vs Commander Dogtooth?

Another fight predicted by One Piece Chapter 863 spoilers is the confrontation between Sanji and Dogtooth. Due to a previous promise, Sanji is not likely to harm Pudding despite her role. As such, most are looking forward to the fight between her brother and Sanji instead. There is a good chance of this happening since the first shot has been already fired – the jellybean that was aimed at Sanji but killed the priest instead.

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