Meghan Markle Is Allegedly Pregnant With Prince Harry’s First Child While Kate Middleton Is Expecting Third

Meghan Markle is allegedly pregnant with Prince Harry’s first child, says Hollywood Life. Moreover, Kate Middleton is expecting her third child with Prince William. It’s really thrilling for the House of Windsor to be welcoming two royal babes at the same time. The baby news created an exciting atmosphere as people betted on the prospect of another royal wedding for Prince Harry and Megan. The couple has been inseparable ever since they confirmed their romance way back in 2015.

Meghan Markle pregnant with Prince Harry’s first child
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It was even previously reported that Prince Harry has been frequently visiting the Kensington Palace every now and then to check on his new apartment. The spatial apartment, which is currently under renovations, is said to be prince and Megan’s new home after tying the knot soon. And now, this piece of news about Meghan Markle allegedly being pregnant with Prince Harry’s first child may be the icing on the cake to their highly publicized relationship.

Yet, are these reports true? Let’s find out!

Is Meghan Markle pregnant with Prince Harry’s first child?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “can’t wait” to start a family, according to a report by Hollywood Life. An insider claimed that some people believed the actress is already bearing a child. Many are speculating that “she’s pregnant because she’s avoiding alcohol and has been complaining about feeling nauseous over recent weeks. She’s barely leaving the house right now.” If this is true, then they just took their relationship to a higher notch.

Samantha Markle, Meghan’s half-sister shared that she is happy for the actress who is about to welcome motherhood. She told the publication, “Meghan will be attentive… [She] and Harry will be great parents. She seems to be at a point in her life [where she] has… the skills to develop a happy, healthy child.”

In fact, it’s not just the Suits star who is feeling jovial about the thought of parenthood. A few friends of the prince revealed that Harry has already built a nursery and his pad in Kensington Palace was designed to be child-friendly. Earlier this month, Meghan shut down her personal website prompting questions that she is prepping for the royal life ahead and moving to London.


However, Gossip Cop, immediately denied that Meghan Markle is pregnant with Prince Harry’s child. The fabricated tabloid report was just made up by Star Magazine and to prove the story’s falsification, the website checked in with a source at Kensington Palace. Markle isn’t pregnant and the claims were equally “false.”

Sorry to bust that to you, folks! Perhaps, Prince Harry and Meghan are indeed looking forward to starting a family, but not now. The pair has to ask the Queen’s blessing first before any wedding bells are heard in the palace. And that’s not an easy feat for both Meghan and the prince.

Is Kate Middleton expecting a third child with Prince William?

The source also spilled juicy details about the not-so-private life of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. “Kate is telling those close to her that she’s thrilled to be pregnant again.” Whoa! It seems like the royal family is serious about wanting a large family.

“William is ensuring she’s resting up when she’s at home,” the source continued. “She’s still in the early stages of pregnancy.” The mother-of-two has been allegedly thinking up names for baby No. 3. If it’s a boy, James would be an ideal choice while Emily or Olivia is likened for a girl. Baby names are surely such a big deal in the British Monarch.

As of now, we’re still waiting for an official response from the representatives of the Kensington Palace regarding this issue.

Nevertheless, if Kate and Meghan are really expecting at the same time, you can just imagine how adorable it would look like if the younger generation of the British royals posed together for a family shoot. Prince George and Princess Charlotte would make the cutest older siblings/cousins.

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