Angelina Jolie Hounded By Revenge-Marriage Rumors

Angelina Jolie is rumored to be getting married to Brad Pitt’s brother so that she can take revenge on her ex-husband, Pitt, following their highly publicized divorce.

Angelina is getting married soon according to numerous sources, but the rumors about her getting married to Pitt’s brother are false. That would be quite dark and awkward even for her.

Other rumors, however, claim that the Hollywood actress has already moved on and is indeed seeing someone, and stories are even claiming that she’s already making wedding plans — just to get back at Pitt.


Angelina moved on in record time if she is indeed planning to get married. It is not really clear whether the news of the actress getting married are completely authentic, though such news is not easy to dismiss. Critics have speculated that she might be planning to tie the knot with another man so she can take revenge on her ex-husband. However, marriage does not seem like something that Jolie would do to take revenge.

“The news caught Brad completely off-guard. He had no idea she was seeing anybody, let alone someone she’s considering marrying,” claims one of the sources familiar with the situation.

Is Angelina Jolie Getting Married To Brad Pitt’s Brother
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The identity of Jolie’s new love interest still remains a secret to the general public. However, a lot of questions arise especially about what Pitt thinks and how having a new husband will influence their children. According to an insider, Brad was disgusted about the news. The source also added that Brad thought that it was sickening that another man would get to spend time with his children.

Angelina has allegedly been trying to keep a tight lid on the whole situation. Even Brad does not know the identity of the guy rumored to be putting a ring on his ex-wife. However, one of the sources claims that he is a British mogul.

Jolie’s rumored new beau is a “wealthy, 40-something Brit. A philanthropist businessman,” the source revealed.

The claim seems somewhat viable because Angelina has had a lifelong involvement in philanthropy. It is not clear where they supposedly met, though there has been speculation that they have known each other since the time she used to travel to the UK a lot. Meanwhile, the report also claims that Jolie has been trying to hasten the divorce proceedings, including the custody arrangements, so that she can get married as soon as possible.


The insider also described Jolie’s upcoming marriage as quite the payback because she claims Pitt was a bad father. She supposedly pushes this point forward with the story of the private plane incident where Brad allegedly had an altercation with his eldest son, Maddox. The incident even led to an investigation on Pitt after Angelina filed assault charges against him. Fortunately for the 53-year-old actor, the FBI did not find any evidence to implicate him and the charges ended up being dropped.

Angelina and Pitt were first romantically involved in 2005 though they got married in August 2014. This was not the first marriage for either of them. Jolie was married twice before she married Brad and she also happened to be the reason why he left Jennifer Aniston, whom he was married to in 2005.

Brad has so far not been associated romantically with any woman though he has been spotted on numerous occasions with different women, mostly his co-stars for his films. It was interesting that there were rumors that Pitt’s brother was the mystery man that Jolie is getting married to, but the 53-year-old actor would have already known about it if it were true.

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