‘Why I Won’t Date Hot Women Anymore’ – ‘New York Post’ Article Gets 40,290 Facebook Shares And ‘Jezebel’ Reply

The article by Christian Gollayan titled “Why I won’t date hot women anymore” is sure gaining attention for the New York Post. Featuring a profile of Dan Rochkind, the article that was published on Wednesday, April 12, had swelled to 40,290 shares on Facebook by Thursday, April 13.

That’s because Rochkind spoke about dating any woman he wanted in New York when he was in his 30s, but now the 40-year-old has changed his ways. In his younger years, Dan said that he went after the “hottest girl” he could find, like bikini models. But the muscular man claims to be even happier now that he has chosen a beautiful woman that he plans to marry, Carly Spindel.

Due to the fact that Rochkind discovered that the women he once dated thrice weekly, blonde models in their 20s, turned out to be selfish, shallow, and flighty, Dan said he began dreading going out on dates. Rochkind claimed the women couldn’t carry conversations and were full of themselves. The publication claims to validate Rochkind’s findings that bikini women can reflect the virtues Dan described, going on to claim how gorgeous women can have rocky relationships. Better-looking men and women reportedly had higher rates of divorce.


Now that Rochkind began dating Carly in January 2015, the presumption being made by folks on social media in response to Dan’s profile is that Spindel was a woman that he “settled” for in the wake of the long line of bikini models. With statements claiming that good-looking people aren’t as likely to go after advanced degrees, or learn other pursuits, the piece is getting loads of commentary online.

The 30-year-old Carly is a “softer beauty,” said Rochkind about the woman he met through a matchmaker. Rochkind put a ring on her last May in Central Park, after falling in love with the notion that Carly is no vapid swimsuit model. For her part, Carly said that since looks fade, it’s important for men like Dan to marry women with substance.

However, the article is balanced enough to include the viewpoint from beautiful women who say they are unfairly characterized by some men because of their looks, and because certain men only focus on their beauty and not their intelligence. The article goes on to profile various women who have also sworn off hot guys who were too into their diets, bodies, and looks to focus on partners and families. However, the focus of the piece is on Dan, and Rochkind seems to be getting the most backlash online, with female-centric Jezebel even penning a reply.

Sample comments about Rochkind, who plans to get married to Carly in June, can be read below. The overall theme of the comments Dan is receiving shows that folks feel sorry for Carly, because by swearing off dating hot women, it makes it seem as though Dan is calling Carly an unattractive woman.

“If good looking people are hard to deal with and date, imagine how Alison and I feel dealing with each other, being both incredibly attractive and married. We’re insufferable. Also, wtf? We thought this was an April Fool’s joke.”

“Believe it or not, an article entitled ‘Why I won’t date hot women anymore’ backfired. Shocker!”

“The Internet is having a field day with this article titled, ‘Why I won’t date hot women anymore.”

“This man is happy his fiancee isn’t a bikini model. How kind of him.”

“His next article will be titled, ‘How I really stepped in it, and why I will now die single…'”

“At first I thought this must be satire. I was unfortunately mistaken.”

“Why I won’t date hot women anymore vol 2: I’m married, and my wife would frown on that.”

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